29 August 2012

we're in London, baby!

Get on a plane at seven in the evening in Seattle, and eight hours later you're in London, it's noon, and the night has been sped through so quickly it's like time travel.  In fact, it is time travel.  I'm convinced.

We arrived in London today!!

Here begins the rest of my fall, and very nearly the rest of my year.  My dad, sister, and I spent today getting settled into the hotel, taking quick naps, and then walking along Cromwell Street to Harrods and back.  I was the epitome of tourist - speaking in a posh British accent on and off, taking photos of everything, hopping in and out of red phone booths, and ogling all the cabs and double decker buses {as if I'd never seen one before... obviously I have, though not the British ones}.  I figure I have the next sixteen weeks to be a bit cooler and less touristy, so what's the harm in going all out on the first day, right?

Tomorrow is move-in day, and while I'm soooo ready to just get all settled in to my living situation and make it feel like home, I'm also quite nervous.  You see, we don't know who our roommates are in advance {or if we even have one, or if we have two} and we didn't fill out one of those questionnaires that are so common at American universities.  You know, the ones that ask when you go to bed, when you wake up, what music you like, etc.  So this person {these people?} could very well be my new best friend or someone I don't get along with at all.  We will see, we will see...  Anyway, like I said, nervous.
I'll be back with an update.
Hopefully a good one.
I'm staying positive, and keeping an open mind.
That's the key.

28 August 2012

the final night

The afternoon was spent packing using countless drafts of packing lists {I'm determined to do this with a high level of organization}, much trying on of clothes, and indecisive movement of clothes in and out of my closet.  The evening was then spent at Cactus on Alki Beach, drinking prickly pear mojitos, eating a ton of chips and salsa, and watching the sunset over the Sound with some of my favorite people from Starbucks.  All in all a wonderful end to a final day in Seattle.

I'm feeling kind of zen at this point, because I am comfortable under the knowledge that I should be able to stay employed at Starbucks while abroad, and because the packing process has proved much easier that I originally thought it would be.  Also, that I don't need a visa.  Now THAT would cause me to freak out.  Talk about stressful.

Tomorrow I leave for London.


25 August 2012

if you need a visual as to how I feel right now, look no further

Today marks three days until I begin my study abroad adventure in London.  And I haven't packed yet.  I mean, I've made a list, but knowing me and my {practically non-existent} packing abilities, that list is going to be about 2% accurate.  So here I am, traveling {ha!} through various UK-based blogs, packing tip websites, study abroad websites, etc, hoping to glean some insight into how to best tackle this beast.  I feel a little like I imagine Frodo must have felt when first setting off to destroy the One Ring.  Minus the threat of torture, death, attack by Nazgul... the usual.

I'm excited to actually get this done, because it'll make it real.  Then again, I don't want to pack because then it'll be real - the suitcases full of things sitting by my bedroom door, staring at me, a constant reminder that I have 3, 2, 1 days to earn some extra bucks at work, see people I haven't seen enough of, and sleep in my own comfy bed.  I want to procrastinate to the very last minute, as if putting off packing will delay the trip until I feel 100% ready to leave.  

But Tuesday will get here regardless, and British Airways flight to London will leave that afternoon whether I'm on it or not.  And I sure as hell better be on it.  Because London's calling.

22 August 2012

this is what I call a thrift win

From left to right: Gap double-breasted belted trench, London-esque top, fun comfy pants

Usually when I go to thrift stores and such, I never find things I'm in love with.  I rarely even find things I like enough to try on, and then there's the matter of sizing and such.  So when I leave a thrift store with anything, it's a success.  Yesterday, I left Goodwill with three things!  Three!!  That's the ultimate win.  Especially since I got the Gap trench coat, which is so well fitting and versatile that I can't wait to wear it around Europe this fall.  The top kind of reminded me of London or the queen's guard in the detailing on the front.  And the pants... well, I've been inspired recently by some other bloggers wearing the loose, harem/pajama pant trend.  I'm still not sure if it's for me, but I figured I can always just turn them into some fun shorts and use the excess to make a knotted boho turban-ish headband.
Best part?
It all came to $24.06

Like I said... win.

21 August 2012

change of plans

Cardigan: Zara / Top: J.Crew / Skirt: Old Navy / Belt: thrifted / Flats: Nordstrom / Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

      I recently {a couple weeks ago} had an epiphany and realized just how inflexible I can be.  When I have plans, I like to stick to them, and it often irritates me when things change last minute.  But I also believe that everything happens for a reason.  So yesterday, when the day started out, I had a schedule for the whole day.  I was going to go to Goodwill and go thrifting with a friend, then go see The Dark Knight Rises, then go out for drinks that evening.  It was all nice and planned out.
      Just after I woke up, I got a text from my friend saying we had to reschedule thrifting for the next day.  Understandable reasons, and rescheduling was no problem, but then I had a chunk of time that I didn't know what to do with, which annoyed me.  If I haven't mentioned it already, I'm not a huge fan of tons of free time - I'd much rather be busy.  After rescheduling, I went to meet with my friend to see the movie, and we ended up seeing an earlier showing {by the way, the movie was epic, and I discovered how much I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt}.  Then, my plans to get drinks got rescheduled last minute for the next night.  So all in all, the day did not go as I'd planned.  But you know what?  
It actually worked out to be better.
      By scheduling thrifting for the next day, it filled up a good chunk of time during a day in which I had no plans.  And also, it meant seeing the movie earlier, and not pushing it too close to the drinks I was supposed to go out for.  So I was able to get a workout in, shower, and spend a decent amount of time getting ready and such.  Then, even though my drinks also got rescheduled, it gave me an opportunity to better get to know the person I was meeting up with, which could potentially make meeting up with them much more comfortable and means less potential for awkwardness {knowing me, highly probable otherwise}.  All in all, the day turned out for the best.
      Moral of the story?  Everything happens for a reason.  And that things can't always go according to plan.  If you just look at the glass as half full, you might notice how they can turn out to be even better.

20 August 2012

18 things I want

Inspired by an article on one of my favorite blogs, Thought Catalog, and apparently a Twitter trend, here is a little in-the-moment list of things I want - from petty and superficial to deep and long-term.  Without worrying about seeming shallow, without caring if some of these are "first world problems", and because sometimes we just need to take a moment to be a little bit selfish...

For things to run smoothly over the next week. Or two.

To be tired earlier in the evenings this week.  Being wide awake at 10 pm the night before working at 4 or 5 in the morning is no bueno.

Cooler nights that, while warm, aren't so sleep in your underwear, move your legs around to find cold spots, kick your covers off, flip your pillow to the cold side every two minutes hot.

The Big Bang Theory to be on Netflix.

The ability to choose when I want caffeine to work for me.

Another week in Seattle.

Lots of money to magically fall into my bank account.

And for my upcoming post-roadtrip credit card bill to not exist.

To move to NYC with one of my best friends next summer/fall.

For living abroad to be absolutely what I want it to be and more.

To be where I want career-wise at a relatively young age.  Aka soon?  Basically to just be happy with whatever point I'm at at any given time.  And to maintain that.

A massage.

To paint my nails ombre.

For spiders to not exist.

Action behind my words.

To lose 10 pounds.  And maybe gain it in muscle.

My hair to do itself.

To live by a schedule, but not be inflexible or incapable of change to the schedule.  I just want an outline for the next two years.

17 August 2012

green lace - bazinga!

Dress: Ooh La Loft / Sandals: Steve Madden / Necklace: Nordstrom BP

I've recently become addicted to the Big Bang Theory.  I'd seen my sister watch it a few times, and honestly, it never really appealed - mostly because Sheldon drove me insane.  {I'm with Howard - crossbow, stat.}  But now, suddenly and seemingly without cause, I'm addicted.  I think it's because I love Leonard.  I want to watch all the episodes from pilot to most recent.  Alas, I don't own any of the seasons, and, horror of horrors, they aren't on Netflix!!  So here I am, hoping to catch them when they're playing on cable and On Demand.  Sigh...

16 August 2012

eatin' pants

Dress: Ooh La Loft / Belt: with dress / Sandals: Victoria Secret

If you watched Friends even half as much as I did, you probably remember that one Thanksgiving episode where Joey has to eat the whole turkey, so he puts on his "eating pants".  Last night, that was me.  We went to my grandma Bestemor's house for dinner, and anytime that happens, pants that expand and stretch are a necessesity.  Maternity pants could have been a reasonable investment for occasions such as this, though yoga pants sufficed.  Mashed potatoes, chicken breast, gravy, cranberries, salad, broccoli, and apple pie with ice cream for dessert... nothing quite like grandma's cooking!

Also, I would like to bring your attention to the fact that this dress has pockets - a discovery I made about 30 seconds before taking pictures.  If you could have seen my face light up with absolute joy...

15 August 2012

what's on your feet?

It's another vlog link-up!  And all about shoes!  Love.  Check it out, check out the other, and leave a comment with your own if you decide to make one too!  {You really should, because I would totally be all over that vid like a monkey over a banana... or something.  But I wanna see them.  So do it.}
You can see last month's vlog link up here.

13 August 2012

two more weeks!

Top: Nordstrom BP / Skirt: Target / Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs / Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren / Ring: Stella & Dot

Well, we're back in beautiful Seattle after a loooooong day of driving.  Something like 14 hours, man.  And literally we had nothing but Starbucks all day.  We lived off those treat receipts.  It's awfully nice to be back at home and not sitting in a car.  Also to eat food that is not Starbucks.

On another topic, it's officially two weeks until I leave for London!!

I'm so excited!!!

I've been watching the Olympics a lot and it's making me that much more excited to go!  I'm just kind of bummed that I'm just barely missing them - how fun would that be to be there and go see the Olympics live??  Speaking of the Olympics, who watched them and what events?  I'm a fan of equestrian, gymnastics, swimming {Ryan Lochte, mmmm...}, and the synchronized diving is also pretty cool to see.  While equestrian sports are close to my heart, gymnastics might be my favorite to watch.  McKayla Maroney on the vault, anyone?  Amazing.

I'm definitely a Summer Olympics person over the Winter Olympics.
What about you guys?
What are your favorite events?

12 August 2012

as the vacation comes to a close

If a picture really is worth a thousand words, I don't think it's all that necessary for me to go through our entire day in San Francisco, because the numerous pictures above pretty much say it all, except:
  1. We really wanted to go to Alcatraz, but couldn't because when we got there we found out it was booked through until August 21... so even if we'd booked ahead the previous day when we thought of it, we wouldn't have been able to.  So that was disappointing.  But then we ended up walking around the pier and such, which was wonderful.  And I left with chocolate, so that was even more wonderful.
  2. There were a lot of really funny sea lions at the pier that made us laugh.  They were all piled on the dock taking a snooze on each other, so when one jumped up to bask with the others, another moved and pushed it right back off.  Quite hilarious.
In other news, we are leaving California tomorrow to drive alllllll dayyyyy looooong back to Seattle.  A good 13 or 14 hours, I think.  Oi vey...  It's times like these where all I can say is thank goodness for my Starbucks discount, a Disney sing-a-long playlist, and someone to take over the wheel when I need a break.

10 August 2012

wednesday night was purely and simply amazing

      Wednesday evening was the evening that I job shadowed at Les Mis in San Francisco - it. was. incredible!  My sister, Suzanne, and I drove into San Francisco in the afternoon {and drove over the Golden Gate Bridge!}, drove through the city {the hills... you'd be crazy to have a manual car in that place}, went for sushi at a place called Sushi Bistro, and then went to the Orpheum!  I met Heather, the stage manager, at stage door while my sister went in to go see the show.
      Basically, the whole evening was me following her around, sitting with her as she called cues during the show from the stage left wing, observing the actors both onstage and off, watching the crew work their set changes, and bombarding Heather with questions about the show, her experiences in theatre, tips and tricks as far as stage managing, advice for starting out after school, how orangutans are going to take over the earth at the end of 2012, etc...  {Just kidding about the orangutans, obviously... kind of.}
      I got to meet various actors, crew members, and production staff.  She gave a brief tour of the space before the show, and showed me all the set pieces and equipment.  And, you guys, I got my own headset to listen in while she called the show!
I was in Les Mis heaven.

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