20 August 2012

18 things I want

Inspired by an article on one of my favorite blogs, Thought Catalog, and apparently a Twitter trend, here is a little in-the-moment list of things I want - from petty and superficial to deep and long-term.  Without worrying about seeming shallow, without caring if some of these are "first world problems", and because sometimes we just need to take a moment to be a little bit selfish...

For things to run smoothly over the next week. Or two.

To be tired earlier in the evenings this week.  Being wide awake at 10 pm the night before working at 4 or 5 in the morning is no bueno.

Cooler nights that, while warm, aren't so sleep in your underwear, move your legs around to find cold spots, kick your covers off, flip your pillow to the cold side every two minutes hot.

The Big Bang Theory to be on Netflix.

The ability to choose when I want caffeine to work for me.

Another week in Seattle.

Lots of money to magically fall into my bank account.

And for my upcoming post-roadtrip credit card bill to not exist.

To move to NYC with one of my best friends next summer/fall.

For living abroad to be absolutely what I want it to be and more.

To be where I want career-wise at a relatively young age.  Aka soon?  Basically to just be happy with whatever point I'm at at any given time.  And to maintain that.

A massage.

To paint my nails ombre.

For spiders to not exist.

Action behind my words.

To lose 10 pounds.  And maybe gain it in muscle.

My hair to do itself.

To live by a schedule, but not be inflexible or incapable of change to the schedule.  I just want an outline for the next two years.
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