10 August 2012

wednesday night was purely and simply amazing

      Wednesday evening was the evening that I job shadowed at Les Mis in San Francisco - it. was. incredible!  My sister, Suzanne, and I drove into San Francisco in the afternoon {and drove over the Golden Gate Bridge!}, drove through the city {the hills... you'd be crazy to have a manual car in that place}, went for sushi at a place called Sushi Bistro, and then went to the Orpheum!  I met Heather, the stage manager, at stage door while my sister went in to go see the show.
      Basically, the whole evening was me following her around, sitting with her as she called cues during the show from the stage left wing, observing the actors both onstage and off, watching the crew work their set changes, and bombarding Heather with questions about the show, her experiences in theatre, tips and tricks as far as stage managing, advice for starting out after school, how orangutans are going to take over the earth at the end of 2012, etc...  {Just kidding about the orangutans, obviously... kind of.}
      I got to meet various actors, crew members, and production staff.  She gave a brief tour of the space before the show, and showed me all the set pieces and equipment.  And, you guys, I got my own headset to listen in while she called the show!
I was in Les Mis heaven.

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