**Goals in bold represent goals to achieve in 2014.**
*Goals in italics represent goals to achieve by the time I turn 30 (June 27, 2020).*

  1. progress at indoor skydiving to Level III flyer (or vertically oriented fly positions)
  2. run a 10k
  3. get my AFF certification
  4. spend Christmas and New Years in London
  5. learn to drive a manual/stickshift car
  6. move back to London
  7. begin taking regular riding lessons again
  8. adopt a dog
  9. kiss a significant other at midnight on New Years
  10. run a half marathon
  11. step foot on all Seven Continents (though I'll settle for six if Antarctica doesn't work out)

  1. be the stage manager of a professional production
  2. work on a Broadway show
  3. work on a show in London's West End
  4. attend an award show of any scale for a show I've worked on
  5. have a show I've worked on win an award

  1. take a burlesque class with Carmen
  2. spend a day making cookies with my grandma Bestemor and sister
  3. go on a cross country road trip with a friend or significant other
  4. go with my dad to Colonial Williamsburg
  5. visit my family in Norway in the summer
  6. go on a trip with my sister
  7. learn some more basic Norwegian from my grandma
  8. go back to Hawaii with my grandparents
  9. experience Europe with my mom
  10. visit my aunt/uncle/cousins while they live abroad

TRAVEL (1/26)
  1. go back to Europe
  2. visit NYC   March 2014
  3. travel through Ireland (Dublin and Belfast)
  4. visit the Scottish Highlands
  5. visit Australia
  6. visit New Zealand
  7. go back to Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone
  8. visit the Grand Canyon and do the Skywalk
  9. go to Paris at least three times: once when young (Oct. 2012), once in love, and once with money)
  10. travel to at least two other French towns/cities (including the south of France)
  11. go on a cruise through the Norwegian Fjords
  12. visit northern Norway
  13. visit Iceland
  14. visit Russia (St. Petersburg and Moscow)
  15. visit Rome and Vatican City
  16. travel to two other Italian towns/cities
  17. visit Greece (Santorini and Athens)
  18. visit Germany
  19. visit Switzerland
  20. go on a ski-cation in the Swiss Alps
  21. visit the Czech Republic
  22. visit Austria
  23. travel to Egypt and see the Pyramids
  24. visit India and the Taj Mahal
  25. vacation in Fiji
  26. visit Cape Town, South Africa

  1. go actual skydiving  May 14, 2014
  2. try surfing  May 9, 2014
  3. ride a motorbike
  4. go to a drive-in movie
  5. go to a trampoline place like Sky High or Rebounderz
  6. do a color or mud run
  7. camp all weekend at a music festival
  8. go on a roller coaster that scares me  May 10, 2014
  9. go to the Titanic Museum in Belfast
  10. see the Northern Lights
  11. stay a night in an ice hotel or igloo
  12. camp in the British countryside
  13. compete in a horse show
  14. learn to drive a motorbike
  15. float in the Dead Sea
  16. attend a performance at the Sydney Opera House
  17. pet a tiger
  18. go on a safar
  19. walk the London Loop
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