25 August 2012

if you need a visual as to how I feel right now, look no further

Today marks three days until I begin my study abroad adventure in London.  And I haven't packed yet.  I mean, I've made a list, but knowing me and my {practically non-existent} packing abilities, that list is going to be about 2% accurate.  So here I am, traveling {ha!} through various UK-based blogs, packing tip websites, study abroad websites, etc, hoping to glean some insight into how to best tackle this beast.  I feel a little like I imagine Frodo must have felt when first setting off to destroy the One Ring.  Minus the threat of torture, death, attack by Nazgul... the usual.

I'm excited to actually get this done, because it'll make it real.  Then again, I don't want to pack because then it'll be real - the suitcases full of things sitting by my bedroom door, staring at me, a constant reminder that I have 3, 2, 1 days to earn some extra bucks at work, see people I haven't seen enough of, and sleep in my own comfy bed.  I want to procrastinate to the very last minute, as if putting off packing will delay the trip until I feel 100% ready to leave.  

But Tuesday will get here regardless, and British Airways flight to London will leave that afternoon whether I'm on it or not.  And I sure as hell better be on it.  Because London's calling.
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