22 August 2012

this is what I call a thrift win

From left to right: Gap double-breasted belted trench, London-esque top, fun comfy pants

Usually when I go to thrift stores and such, I never find things I'm in love with.  I rarely even find things I like enough to try on, and then there's the matter of sizing and such.  So when I leave a thrift store with anything, it's a success.  Yesterday, I left Goodwill with three things!  Three!!  That's the ultimate win.  Especially since I got the Gap trench coat, which is so well fitting and versatile that I can't wait to wear it around Europe this fall.  The top kind of reminded me of London or the queen's guard in the detailing on the front.  And the pants... well, I've been inspired recently by some other bloggers wearing the loose, harem/pajama pant trend.  I'm still not sure if it's for me, but I figured I can always just turn them into some fun shorts and use the excess to make a knotted boho turban-ish headband.
Best part?
It all came to $24.06

Like I said... win.
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