12 August 2012

as the vacation comes to a close

If a picture really is worth a thousand words, I don't think it's all that necessary for me to go through our entire day in San Francisco, because the numerous pictures above pretty much say it all, except:
  1. We really wanted to go to Alcatraz, but couldn't because when we got there we found out it was booked through until August 21... so even if we'd booked ahead the previous day when we thought of it, we wouldn't have been able to.  So that was disappointing.  But then we ended up walking around the pier and such, which was wonderful.  And I left with chocolate, so that was even more wonderful.
  2. There were a lot of really funny sea lions at the pier that made us laugh.  They were all piled on the dock taking a snooze on each other, so when one jumped up to bask with the others, another moved and pushed it right back off.  Quite hilarious.
In other news, we are leaving California tomorrow to drive alllllll dayyyyy looooong back to Seattle.  A good 13 or 14 hours, I think.  Oi vey...  It's times like these where all I can say is thank goodness for my Starbucks discount, a Disney sing-a-long playlist, and someone to take over the wheel when I need a break.
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