29 February 2012

too late

About a year ago, I got hooked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I know, I know, I'm almost 10 years too late.  Of course, that meant watching Angel, then Firefly, and now Dollhouse - all shows by Joss Whedon.  So, my complaint here is that I can't catch a break!  All these shows are over or cancelled by the time I get to them!  And here's the thing.  They're really, really good.  I mean, the writing is fantastic, the premises are interesting, and the characters are all multi-dimensional {especially in Dollhouse - if you've seen it, you get why}.

So please universe, how about the next Joss Whedon show doesn't get cancelled, and how about I catch on before it's too late?

27 February 2012

red carpet recap: the oscars

In third...

Jason Segel:  Besides being the only Hollywood "funny man" whom I adore, I love that he went with a bow tie, and a dark navy color.  Kind of a standout from the basic tux that looks the same as all the rest.

In second...

Maria Menounos:  This girl has been working the red carpet this season!  I love the mint color, and the dreamy cut and material along with the soft up-do and neutral makeup make this a close second.

In first place...

Jessica Chastain:  I'm a sucker for all things McQueen, and this dress is no exception!  Looks great with her half-back red hair {perhaps I'm a bit biased there}, and going with minimal accessories and neutral makeup really allowed the bold print of the dress to stand out.

And the Awkward Award goes to...

Brangelina:  He needs to go back to the shorter hair, and she needs to gain some weight because I was a little worried for her health when she went onstage to present.  And the unnecessarily awkward leg sticking-outage was, well, unnecessarily awkward and seemed pointedly obvious.  But hey, at least Brad doesn't have that dead animal hanging off his chin anymore.

And worst dressed {besides Sacha Baron Coen, who should not be allowed anywhere in general}...

Shailene Woodley:  Girl, you're so young, with a great figure.  So why are you wearing my grandma's wedding dress?

26 February 2012

girls night

Tonight was a much needed and highly anticipated night out with the girls from Starbucks...
...complete with this adorable coffee set {note to self: these mini pots are perfect!}...
and delicious apple crisp dessert!

Now I'm sitting in bed and watching the Oscars, preparing for another week.

P.S.  More photos from Shakespeare in Hollywood to come!

24 February 2012

awkward and awesome friday: show weekend

Blazer: Urban Outfitters / Shirt: J.Crew / Leggings: Windsor / Boots: Cathy Jean / Lipstick: Maybelline "Fuschia Fever"

  • Hair down + lipstick + wind = hair stuck to your lips.  Bonus points if your mouth is open at the time.
  • The bathrooms at the theater I'm working at are removed from the lobby solely by one switchback-style flight of stairs.  If it's relatively quiet, people in the lobby can hear you peeing in the stalls down the stairs.  Mega-awkward.
  • Having to sit on a vinyl chair in class when wearing faux leather leggings.
  • Finding people/ways to get decent outfit pics taken.  I need a personal photographer that I can carry around like a genie.  Also, definitely a remote.

  • My shipment from Windsor arrived!  So exciting, especially since I've been planning outfits incorporating my new items for about two weeks now.
  • Getting a six page paper written in the two hours from midnight to 2am the night before and getting an A. I'm pretty sure I should apply for a place in the Guiness Book of World Records for that one.
  • How I Met Your Mother.  I'm obsessed with that show.
  • The Academy Awards are on Sunday!  Who's watchin'?  I always do my best to see them, but unfortunately, I don't get E! so I can't watch the red carpet or Fashion Police.  Good thing for the interwebs.
  • We had our opening night last night, and it went pretty well.  Tonight will be even better!
  • I had a four day weekend - I don't have class Fridays and Monday was a holiday, plus I didn't get scheduled to work Monday {which is amazing as I normally work them}!  A rare, true long weekend.

22 February 2012

coast to coast

Can I just say how awesome it is to have the technology to not only talk to someone far away, and hands free, but also to actually be able to see them?  The only missing sense in this situation is touch {which, not gonna lie, sounds a little bit awkward}.

I had a lovely afternoon Skype session with one of my best friends back in Seattle - it's always great to catch up, especially since I'm staying in Boston over spring break and won't see anyone from home until May.

Skype, what would we do without you?

i like to call this 'theater chic' {aka practical}

Shirt: American Eagle / Leggings: Windsor / Boots: Cathy Jean

Flannel, leggings, and boots - can't really go wrong with that combo, especially during Tech Week!

I honestly don't have much to say about today, except that it's our final dress rehearsal before opening tonight!  Exciting, no?  Yes.  I'll have photos up this weekend or next week, but the next few days are gonna be busy {and I mean busy}!

Oh, and see those leggings I'm wearing?  Faux leather leggings from the fabulous Windsor.  I'm obsessed.  Talk about a statement piece!

Third tidbit for today - did you know yesterday was Alan Rickman's 66th birthday?  {If you haven't noticed by now,  I'm pretty much obsessed.}

20 February 2012

obsession of the week: red

Sweater: Delias / Shirt: Express / Jeans: Delias / Socks: J.Crew (Men's) / Boots: Steve Madden

Red.  Specifically, these red jeans, though I'm sure you've noticed I love a bold red lip anytime, anyplace.  I used to be a little intimidated by the color as far as wearing it, because my hair is so red, but lately, I've begun to take more steps towards statement pieces, bright colors, and so-called fashion risks.  Fashion is supposed to be fun!  Or at least, finding your own personal style.  Looking back over the years from high school up until now, I've gone through so many phases, styles, obsessions, etc.  And where I am right now, well, it's red.  {And neon, but that's another story.}

Yesterday we did our Q-Q for the show.  We didn't finish by the end of the night though, so today is just finishing that up, then it's our first run-through with full hair, makeup, costumes, etc.  I love this part of working in theatre {despite the fact that it usually means long, and I mean long hours}.

P.S.  I apologize for the craptastic photo quality, but that's what you get when you have someone who doesn't know how to work a DSLR.  Also, when you're in a rush and a place with horrendous lighting.

18 February 2012

donut kind of day

Dear donut,

I like you.  Quite a lot, in fact.  And your friends, coffee and fresh fruit, complement you so well, that I wish I could have you over for breakfast more often.  However, I'll have to settle for just the weekends.  I suppose it's a good thing that the dining hall only offers you up once in a while.

Until next weekend,


17 February 2012

awkward and awesome friday

  • Having to take your laundry {in mesh bags, mind you} through the streets of downtown Boston to the nearby residence hall that actually has laundry facilities.  Do I need to point out that people can see all my dirty clothes, underpants and bras included?
  • Raising your hand in class, but your professor doesn't see you and moves on, so you awkwardly turn it into a stretch or something.
  • When your stomach makes noises for no reason, but they're loud enough that you're sure other people can hear them.
  • Putting on glasses with only one hand and not really paying attention, so one end goes into your nose.
  • This one I'm going to preface by saying that birds, specifically pigeons, in Boston tend to fly whenever and wherever they want, and often in groups.  If there's a person walking nearby, they don't give a rat's rear end, and will fly in your face.  So, it's awkward when you're walking along minding your own business and all of a sudden, a flock of birds is flying around your head.  Ducking, covering your head, and perhaps making a squealing or yelping sound in public with birds basically attacking you is awkward to the extreme.
  • Tech starts this weekend!  The photos above our my "sneek-peek" into the show prior to the full set, lights, costumes, and props.
  • One of the members of the cast bringing nutella pizza in for everyone before rehearsal.  Yes, nutella pizza - a miraculous combination of nutella, mini chocolate chips, chocolate drizzle, and powdered sugar on soft pizza bread.  Oh, and did I mention it's warm?  
  • Speaking of pizza, going to the local late night pizza place on my way back from rehearsal, ordering a slice of pepperoni pizza, and having the guy give you a whole pizza because he was about to close anyway.
  • Listening to Ramin Karimloo sing.  I received my DVD of the 25th Anniversary performance of Phantom of the Opera last weekend, and I can't stop watching it.  Also, it doesn't hurt that he's extremely attractive!
  • The feeling of giving something a good deep clean.  Specifically, the espresso machines at work.  There's something really satisfying seeing the gunk come out and off.  Not to mention, the steam wand steams milk much quicker and makes much better foam when it's all unclogged.

14 February 2012

you are loved

No matter who you are,
where you are,
or what you're doing,

Someone loves you.

red carpet: grammy style

3rd place...
T-Swift:  Love that she experimented with a new shape {the high collar and cut-outs} while still staying true to her signature sparkly style.

Adele:  I think she can add the silver medal for Best Dressed to all six Grammys she won!  The black and this cut are super slimming on her, but she kept it from being boring with the sparkle, retro-Hollywood hairdo, and bold red lip {which you know I'm a sucker for!}.

And in 1st...
Carrie Underwood:  Carrying on the sparkle trend, Carrie decided to go with bright white!  I love that this dress makes such a statement, and {you can't see it, but trust me, it's there} the cut-out of the back keeps it from being too overwhelming.  The black clutch provided contrast and kept the look grounded, along with the classic neutral makeup and soft up-do.

As for worst dressed, I've got two.

Fergie:  Despite the on-trend lace and tangerine color, being able to see one's underwear is an automatic no-no.  And not just on the red-carpet, but any formal event {let's keep that in mind, shall we?}.

And the worst of the worst...
Nicki Minaj:  Little Red Riding Hood + Roman Catholic Cardinal = WTF?  Nicki needs to chill.  'Nuff said.  Oh, and also, her accessory of choice was a guy dressed as the Pope.  Yeah...

12 February 2012

spring is in the air. kind of.

Vest: BB Dakota / Jeggings: American Eagle / Shoes: Report / Coat: Delias / Hat: H&M

Despite the cold Boston weather today, it's been surprisingly mild for this time of year, and I personally could not be more excited for spring!  I walked into J. Crew this afternoon and was overwhelmed with bright colors and spring shapes.  I personally am loving the neon thing.  I ended up buying a blue gingham button up and a chambray shirt (because I've been looking for one for about 10 million years), and fully intend to go back once I've collected a few paychecks as a safety net.

On a theatre-related note, we have load-in and tech starting this Friday for Shakespeare in Hollywood {the play I'm stage managing this semester}.  Call me crazy, but tech is my favorite part of working as a stage manager.  Seeing all the elements come together and having what you've been working on for the past month look like a real show is so satisfying!  Not to mention, calling cues is the {most} fun part!  I'm sure I'll have quite a few theatre-themed pictures coming this way starting at the end of the week.

Happy Sunday, and let's hope this next weekend comes fairly quickly.

P.S. Did you know J. Crew has a student discount?  Score!

10 February 2012

awkward and awesome friday time!

Happy Friday y'all!  Personally, Fridays are a day in which I usually work the morning, then have the rest of the day off, and on this particular Friday, I fully intend to stay in my room, watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix, order in some chinese food, and veg.  Now, how's about some awkward and awesomes?

  • Being in a crowded place while carrying lots of bags.  Sorry for whacking you with my school bag, sir.
  • Having hotel maintenance guys knock on the door to our room while I'm wearing a bathrobe, having just got out of the shower.  This is where quick changes come in handy in real life.
  • Waving to someone you know because they're looking right at you, but they don't wave back.  It then turns out that they aren't anyone you know, and you couldn't tell because you weren't wearing your glasses.
  • The pictures above.  First time using the tripod, and I gotta say, it's awkward to take pictures of yourself, because they are rarely candid.
  • Pearls.  I love them because I think that just the simplest pearl earrings or necklace can make any outfit about 10 times classier or nicer looking.  Case in point, right up there. ^ I'm quite literally wearing holey leggings with paint splattered all over them, a tank top, cardigan wrap thing, and knee high wool socks.  Cozy!
  • My 25th Anniversary DVD of Phantom of the Opera arrived in the mail today.  That'll be another thing on my list of things to watch tonight.
  • Finally getting my return money from those shoes back into my checking account.  And getting my paycheck today.
  • My ten dollar gift card to Joe's Bar and Grill on Newbury.  Can't wait to use that this weekend!  Their Black & Blue Burger is to die for.
  • The weather in Boston recently!  It's been so sunny and warm for this time of year.  {Okay, really only about 45 degrees, but hey, I'll take it!}
  • The positive feedback I've gotten from my family and friends for this blog.  I'm so glad people enjoy it!  I can say with 100% honesty that I really love putting the time into it, so hearing good things is really rewarding.  You all are the best!

09 February 2012

proud to be a washingtonian

Yesterday, Washington state legislature voted yes to approving same-sex marriage.

Washington, I am so proud of you.

07 February 2012

february indeed

It's official.

Valentine's Day cups have returned to Starbucks and the Casi Cielo is a-brewin'.

Starbucks never fails to tell me what time of year it is {not that I ever have trouble remembering the month... ahem.}  I personally will be having a lovely Valentine's Day spoiling myself with chocolate, yummy food, Netflix, and the ever so delicious Casi Cielo.  Of course, this is assuming I have the spare time to do any of this.

Oh busy schedule, how I {sometimes} love thee...

05 February 2012


See that score right up there?  Yup, the Giants won!!  Booyah!

Suck it, Tom Brady.

sunday brunch

My friend Nicole and I went to brunch today after a grueling morning hitting the opening of Jason Wu for Target, and let me tell you, these mini muffins were incredible!
Cardigan: H&M / Blouse: Jason Wu for Target / Jeans: Delias / Boots: Enzo Angiolini / Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren

I got this top at the opening this morning, and it was literally the last one!  I was worried it would be too big, because at these openings {this was my first one}, everyone grabs anything and everything they can.  We were waiting in line for the fitting rooms with our cartful of clothes, and people would come out with things they didn't want - well, it was insane.  People literally fighting over things, taking items out of unwatched carts... it was crazy in every sense of the word.

We went to a place on Newbury Street for brunch called Charley's after going back to my room and changing into some of our new treasures.  The mini muffins were to die for - cornbread mini muffins, and cinnamon raisin mini muffins {my favorite - they tasted like brown sugar and cinnamon baked into a little muffin shaped piece of heaven}.  My blueberry buttermilk pancakes were delicious, too, but those muffins... I'm in love.
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