11 January 2012

new york, new york

Yes, that's Alan Rickman!  And no, no zoom was used for this photo.  I don't usually brag, but in this case, as he is my favorite actor, I kind of have to!  We went and saw Seminar tonight on Broadway at the Golden Theater, and I have to say, it was absolutely fabulous!  Then we waited at stage door to get photos and autographs from everyone on our playbills.  I can tell you right now - that's getting framed!

The writing was immaculate and we could really hear the voice of the playwright {a talented woman named Theresa Rebeck} through the script.  The costuming was clear, and right away gave an idea of each character.  The set was simple to start, yet detailed, and then changed towards the end of the show to reveal a much more complex and impeccably detailed set.  The set change was quick and silent {the fly system must be awesome!}.   The actors {all five of them} were very clear in their choices for their characters, and all performed very well, especially the actress playing Kate, a woman named Lily Rabe.  Overall, I would see this show again, and I'll be looking for it at the Tony's!

I have to say... I love New York!!  I really could see myself living here, and hopefully, I will one day when I'm stage managing touring and Broadway-based shows.  Not only is the theater everything I could hope for and more, but the fashion is amazing.  I've been rocking a bold lip color {which I've really been into these days} almost every day.  In the photo above, I'm wearing MAC's Russian Red.  The shopping here is immense and we've found some great sales!

I really could go on and on, but whew!  My feet may ache from all the walking and standing from the past few days, but my mind is whirring!  I don't want to leave!  Fortunately, we still have a couple more days...
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