10 February 2012

awkward and awesome friday time!

Happy Friday y'all!  Personally, Fridays are a day in which I usually work the morning, then have the rest of the day off, and on this particular Friday, I fully intend to stay in my room, watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix, order in some chinese food, and veg.  Now, how's about some awkward and awesomes?

  • Being in a crowded place while carrying lots of bags.  Sorry for whacking you with my school bag, sir.
  • Having hotel maintenance guys knock on the door to our room while I'm wearing a bathrobe, having just got out of the shower.  This is where quick changes come in handy in real life.
  • Waving to someone you know because they're looking right at you, but they don't wave back.  It then turns out that they aren't anyone you know, and you couldn't tell because you weren't wearing your glasses.
  • The pictures above.  First time using the tripod, and I gotta say, it's awkward to take pictures of yourself, because they are rarely candid.
  • Pearls.  I love them because I think that just the simplest pearl earrings or necklace can make any outfit about 10 times classier or nicer looking.  Case in point, right up there. ^ I'm quite literally wearing holey leggings with paint splattered all over them, a tank top, cardigan wrap thing, and knee high wool socks.  Cozy!
  • My 25th Anniversary DVD of Phantom of the Opera arrived in the mail today.  That'll be another thing on my list of things to watch tonight.
  • Finally getting my return money from those shoes back into my checking account.  And getting my paycheck today.
  • My ten dollar gift card to Joe's Bar and Grill on Newbury.  Can't wait to use that this weekend!  Their Black & Blue Burger is to die for.
  • The weather in Boston recently!  It's been so sunny and warm for this time of year.  {Okay, really only about 45 degrees, but hey, I'll take it!}
  • The positive feedback I've gotten from my family and friends for this blog.  I'm so glad people enjoy it!  I can say with 100% honesty that I really love putting the time into it, so hearing good things is really rewarding.  You all are the best!

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