24 February 2012

awkward and awesome friday: show weekend

Blazer: Urban Outfitters / Shirt: J.Crew / Leggings: Windsor / Boots: Cathy Jean / Lipstick: Maybelline "Fuschia Fever"

  • Hair down + lipstick + wind = hair stuck to your lips.  Bonus points if your mouth is open at the time.
  • The bathrooms at the theater I'm working at are removed from the lobby solely by one switchback-style flight of stairs.  If it's relatively quiet, people in the lobby can hear you peeing in the stalls down the stairs.  Mega-awkward.
  • Having to sit on a vinyl chair in class when wearing faux leather leggings.
  • Finding people/ways to get decent outfit pics taken.  I need a personal photographer that I can carry around like a genie.  Also, definitely a remote.

  • My shipment from Windsor arrived!  So exciting, especially since I've been planning outfits incorporating my new items for about two weeks now.
  • Getting a six page paper written in the two hours from midnight to 2am the night before and getting an A. I'm pretty sure I should apply for a place in the Guiness Book of World Records for that one.
  • How I Met Your Mother.  I'm obsessed with that show.
  • The Academy Awards are on Sunday!  Who's watchin'?  I always do my best to see them, but unfortunately, I don't get E! so I can't watch the red carpet or Fashion Police.  Good thing for the interwebs.
  • We had our opening night last night, and it went pretty well.  Tonight will be even better!
  • I had a four day weekend - I don't have class Fridays and Monday was a holiday, plus I didn't get scheduled to work Monday {which is amazing as I normally work them}!  A rare, true long weekend.
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