17 February 2012

awkward and awesome friday

  • Having to take your laundry {in mesh bags, mind you} through the streets of downtown Boston to the nearby residence hall that actually has laundry facilities.  Do I need to point out that people can see all my dirty clothes, underpants and bras included?
  • Raising your hand in class, but your professor doesn't see you and moves on, so you awkwardly turn it into a stretch or something.
  • When your stomach makes noises for no reason, but they're loud enough that you're sure other people can hear them.
  • Putting on glasses with only one hand and not really paying attention, so one end goes into your nose.
  • This one I'm going to preface by saying that birds, specifically pigeons, in Boston tend to fly whenever and wherever they want, and often in groups.  If there's a person walking nearby, they don't give a rat's rear end, and will fly in your face.  So, it's awkward when you're walking along minding your own business and all of a sudden, a flock of birds is flying around your head.  Ducking, covering your head, and perhaps making a squealing or yelping sound in public with birds basically attacking you is awkward to the extreme.
  • Tech starts this weekend!  The photos above our my "sneek-peek" into the show prior to the full set, lights, costumes, and props.
  • One of the members of the cast bringing nutella pizza in for everyone before rehearsal.  Yes, nutella pizza - a miraculous combination of nutella, mini chocolate chips, chocolate drizzle, and powdered sugar on soft pizza bread.  Oh, and did I mention it's warm?  
  • Speaking of pizza, going to the local late night pizza place on my way back from rehearsal, ordering a slice of pepperoni pizza, and having the guy give you a whole pizza because he was about to close anyway.
  • Listening to Ramin Karimloo sing.  I received my DVD of the 25th Anniversary performance of Phantom of the Opera last weekend, and I can't stop watching it.  Also, it doesn't hurt that he's extremely attractive!
  • The feeling of giving something a good deep clean.  Specifically, the espresso machines at work.  There's something really satisfying seeing the gunk come out and off.  Not to mention, the steam wand steams milk much quicker and makes much better foam when it's all unclogged.
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