20 February 2012

obsession of the week: red

Sweater: Delias / Shirt: Express / Jeans: Delias / Socks: J.Crew (Men's) / Boots: Steve Madden

Red.  Specifically, these red jeans, though I'm sure you've noticed I love a bold red lip anytime, anyplace.  I used to be a little intimidated by the color as far as wearing it, because my hair is so red, but lately, I've begun to take more steps towards statement pieces, bright colors, and so-called fashion risks.  Fashion is supposed to be fun!  Or at least, finding your own personal style.  Looking back over the years from high school up until now, I've gone through so many phases, styles, obsessions, etc.  And where I am right now, well, it's red.  {And neon, but that's another story.}

Yesterday we did our Q-Q for the show.  We didn't finish by the end of the night though, so today is just finishing that up, then it's our first run-through with full hair, makeup, costumes, etc.  I love this part of working in theatre {despite the fact that it usually means long, and I mean long hours}.

P.S.  I apologize for the craptastic photo quality, but that's what you get when you have someone who doesn't know how to work a DSLR.  Also, when you're in a rush and a place with horrendous lighting.
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