22 February 2012

i like to call this 'theater chic' {aka practical}

Shirt: American Eagle / Leggings: Windsor / Boots: Cathy Jean

Flannel, leggings, and boots - can't really go wrong with that combo, especially during Tech Week!

I honestly don't have much to say about today, except that it's our final dress rehearsal before opening tonight!  Exciting, no?  Yes.  I'll have photos up this weekend or next week, but the next few days are gonna be busy {and I mean busy}!

Oh, and see those leggings I'm wearing?  Faux leather leggings from the fabulous Windsor.  I'm obsessed.  Talk about a statement piece!

Third tidbit for today - did you know yesterday was Alan Rickman's 66th birthday?  {If you haven't noticed by now,  I'm pretty much obsessed.}
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