28 May 2014


I just discovered the London Loop.  I came across this link on Facebook, and after reading it and researching the route a bit, I'm actually really excited by the idea of walking the entire route - all 152 miles of it.  Hear me out...

22 May 2014


Well, I FINALLY did it!  My first skydive!  Granted, it was a tandem, so I was attached to an instructor the whole time, but as I'm getting ready to start my AFF course, I knew I wanted to do a tandem first just so I could do a jump for the enjoyment of it.  As soon as I start my AFF (Advanced Free Fall) jumps towards becoming a certified skydiver, I know I'll have all these things I'll have to remember running through my head, such as altitude checks, drills, landing, etc.  So this tandem was the perfect way to start my skydiving career.

21 May 2014


The rest of Miami is coming to you now in one ginormous post.  I wanted to split it up between our visits to the Wynwood art district and the rest of our Miami explorations, but the Wynwood aspect greatly outnumbered the rest of my material, so here it is - one massive load of Miami-ness.

20 May 2014


I interrupt the regularly scheduled Miami postings to bring you an update on my life at the moment.  I am currently recovering from wisdom tooth extraction.  As in, I had all three of mine removed this morning.  I also still have to go get a root canal and crown on my back molar in the next couple weeks, but that's another story and procedure altogether.  Basically, I'm currently in bed, watching reruns of Bones on TV, and organizing my blog life so that there will be a semblance of a regular blog schedule for the next week, while a certain little pup snuggles up against my side.  It's not a bad life, swelling, numbness, and awkward eating/drinking aside.

* Note:  I tried smiling, but my face is incapable of making any sort of expression aside from this derp face.

**Another note:  Do NOT, under any circumstances, use Pinterest whilst on a liquid diet.  Even if you're not looking for food stuff, it's bound to pop up, and it is the worst thing ever to see a photo and recipe for a delicious chicken casserole dish while being forced to eat applesauce endlessly.


This past week, I was down in Miami to see Bastille play at The Filmore Miami Beach.  The gig was amazing, as I expected.  I became a massive fan of Bastille whilst studying in London nearly two years ago now (holy crap, that went by quickly...), and when I came back from my most recent London living experience last fall, I discovered that apparently they became popular in America while I was abroad.  So of course I jumped on the opportunity to go south and see them in Miami.  Fortunately, a friend of mine and one of her friends were both able to join me.

15 May 2014


You know how you always think of a day at the beach as relaxing?  Yeah well, we did, too.  Which is why we originally had planned for our two days at Universal to come first, then have a day at the beach to rest.  Alas, the weather was less than promising for our proposed beach day, so we decided to do the beach first.  And let me tell you, we didn't really realize just how exhausting it would be.

13 May 2014


I have been a bad, bad blogger.  I admit this readily.  BUT, my people/self/whoever is reading this right now (hi Dad), I have a good reason for the last week of no activity whatsoever.  My friend Angie came to visit me on Thursday and we spent all weekend together hanging out at Cocoa Beach, then going to Orlando and spending two straight days at Universal.  It was thoroughly exhasuting, ridiculously fun, and I didn't have my computer at any point throughout.  Hence the Cinco de Mayo post being posted on the 12th... better late than never?  (I think that's becoming my blog's slogan.  I'll try to remedy that because "Style to Stage: Better late than never!" just doesn't work.

12 May 2014


** Note:  I do realize this was a week ago now. But better late than never!  Especially since this was a good night.  :) **

I have never been out to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  Well, at least, I hadn't before this year.  I also had never taken a shot of tequila.  A big ol' marg?  Of course.  A tequila shot?  Nope.  So this Cinco de Mayo was a day of a few firsts for me - first time celebrating it, first tequila shot, and first time going out in downtown Orlando!
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