15 May 2014


You know how you always think of a day at the beach as relaxing?  Yeah well, we did, too.  Which is why we originally had planned for our two days at Universal to come first, then have a day at the beach to rest.  Alas, the weather was less than promising for our proposed beach day, so we decided to do the beach first.  And let me tell you, we didn't really realize just how exhausting it would be.

After our day at Cocoa Beach, Angie and I had two full days of Universal to go.  The first day at Universal, we stuck mainly to the original Universal Studios park, and saved Islands of Adventure for the second day, since we were most excited for that one - you know, best for last.  :p  And it was a bloody good thing we did!  That first day we were EXHAUSTED.  Completely loopy and out of it.  We got to enjoy some our top rides, but aside from that, it was a slightly zombie-esque day for us.  That's what a lot of sun and surfing will do to you, I guess!

We called it quits a bit earlier than we planned, at about 6pm, and went back to our hotel for showers and naps, after which we felt much better and more refreshed.  We ended up going out in Orlando for a bit, and found a little dive bar with some karaoke for a couple hours, then headed back to bed for our second day at Universal.  Day two was a lot better, and we took full advantage of Harry Potter and all the water rides - three rides in a row on the Ripsaw Falls log ride will have you completely and utterly soaked by the way.  I didn't bring my camera for day two (because of said water rides), but there's plenty on Instagram!

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