28 May 2014


I just discovered the London Loop.  I came across this link on Facebook, and after reading it and researching the route a bit, I'm actually really excited by the idea of walking the entire route - all 152 miles of it.  Hear me out...

I did A LOT of walking whilst living in London last summer.  Not only in central London, but in the more rural parts as well.  As a resident of Wandsworth, I walked through Putney Heath and Richmond Hill many a time, and took to those areas as a regular running route.  I also wandered to places a little farther from home, like Hampstead Heath, which became one of my favorite areas.  I loved every second of these rambles.  One of my favorite things about London is how you can be in the middle of such a huge international, metropolitan city at one moment, and in the middle of what feels like the countryside at the next moment, even though you're technically still in London regardless.  The diversity of environment within that city's limits is incredible.  And some of my favorite photos are the ones I took whilst on a ramble through the more rural parts.  So, the thought of exploring the London Loop really excites me!

How amazing would it be to walk the whole thing, camping overnight along the way, and photographing London from such a unique perspective?  It says some of the highest points of London are on this loop, and knowing that I was able to get some great city views from the heaths I visited, I wonder what the views are like from these points?  I'm always down for an adventure, and this one combines so many elements that I love - London, walking (152 miles makes for some good exercise), photography, exploring... This is officially added to my Goal List!
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