12 May 2014


** Note:  I do realize this was a week ago now. But better late than never!  Especially since this was a good night.  :) **

I have never been out to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  Well, at least, I hadn't before this year.  I also had never taken a shot of tequila.  A big ol' marg?  Of course.  A tequila shot?  Nope.  So this Cinco de Mayo was a day of a few firsts for me - first time celebrating it, first tequila shot, and first time going out in downtown Orlando!

I'm lucky enough to have the most awesome job in the world and work with people who like to go out and have fun every now and again, so that's exactly what we did.  We went to the Wall Street area of downtown Orlando, where there was a section of streets closed off for the festivities.  There were lights strung up with little sombreros and beads dangling down from them, crowds of people in sombreros of all sizes and style, and a mechanical bull!  Obviously, we went right for the bull.  I was first up of our group, and while I didn't last as long as I'd hoped, I'm quite satisfied with my ability to hang on for as long as I did after already having had a drink.  I think the best ride from the night though was my coworker Josh, whom we coerced into participating to wonderful results (video on Instagram :p).

After grabbing the bull by the horns for a while, we walked around for a bit.  At this point, we decided we were quite desperate for a sombrero or two.  We tried asking around to see if they were handing them out, we tried stealing the ones hanging from the lights, and we may have tried bribing slightly intoxicated people to get us one, but to no avail.  But then, at one random moment, Josh suddenly up and ditched us and disappeared into the crowd, leaving us standing there with bemused looks on our faces.  He returned not seconds later with... a sombrero!  Apparently there was an older drunk lady who he decided didn't need hers anymore.  No questions asked, we accepted the sombrero and proceeded to take many a photo with it, obviously.

The rest of the night comprised of my first tequila shot, followed immediately by food.  It may(o) not have been Tuesday, but tacos abounded!  And nachos with lots of guacamole, because as I've said before, guacamole makes everything 10x better.  And nachos are already great to start with, so I call that good math!

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