21 May 2014


The rest of Miami is coming to you now in one ginormous post.  I wanted to split it up between our visits to the Wynwood art district and the rest of our Miami explorations, but the Wynwood aspect greatly outnumbered the rest of my material, so here it is - one massive load of Miami-ness.
We started out the next morning after Bastille by sleeping in, and immediately going off to find coffee and breakfast.  We figured we would go back towards the South Beach, since we knew that was were we wanted to start exploring.  It was at the time that we were sitting in a little French bakery on Washington that I realized I had forgotten my camera, so most regrettably, that's why I don't have tons of photos from that day.  We walked over to South Beach, even though the day was overcast, because what's Miami without at least dipping your feet in the ocean?  After spending a few minutes walking along the sand, we made our way over to Collins Street, which is the kind of "iconic" part of Miami Beach - the area that houses most of the shopping and cafes, along with several luxury nightclubs for after dark.  We grabbed more coffees and popped in and out for the shops for a few hours before deciding to head over towards Wynwood.

Wynwood is definitely my favorite area of Miami.  I could spend a whole day there easily, just me and my camera.  Of course having a friend as well was a great bonus - I was kicking myself the whole time for not having grabbed my camera when leaving the hotel that morning!!  Wynwood actually reminded me a lot of home in Seattle in terms of just how hipster the whole vibe was.  Lots of awesome little coffee shops and cafes, and a couple of artsy restaurants with simple but delicious looking menus... I'd easily go back for a weekend.  I insisted we go back the next morning before leaving Miami because I simply needed to take pictures around this neighborhood!

After a couple hours in Wynwood, we headed back to the hotel and dressed up to go out for a night on the town.  The Miami Beach nightlife scene, to be exact!  We left the hotel around 10, and headed back to Miami Beach to scope out the places, wanting to find a bar where we could grab food before hitting up a night club.  We ended up searching for way longer than we had planned and hoped, and it wasn't until about near midnight before we found parking, picked a place to eat, and then eventually picked a club to try out, arriving at a place called MYNT Lounge.  We got in free, and stayed for a [ridiculously overpriced] drink each, checking the place out and grooving a bit to the music.  But alas, clubs aren't always my scene, and this particular one was an awkward one for wanting a night out for dancing since there wasn't actually a dance floor, and it was very crowded.  We called it quits for the night after an hour or so and went back to the hotel for an early morning of breakfast, revisiting Wynwood, and the drive back up north.

The next morning, we woke up and headed straight to Angelina's Coffee & Juice for breakfast.  This place was not only adorable, but also amazingly delicious!  I ordered the biggest brewed coffee they had and an omelette with bacon, spinach, red peppers, and cheddar.  It was exactly what I wanted.  My friend, Morgan, ordered a coffee as well and a ham and cheese breakfast croissant.

After stuffing ourselves full, we went back to Wynwood, this time with camera, and took some photos around the area before the drive back home.  I seriously love this area, and would really like to go back and spend a weekend just dining at the independent cafes and restaurants, and wandering around with a coffee in one hand and camera in the other.  Sounds like perfection!  I mean, just look at all the awesome street art!  And we didn't even venture into any of the actual galleries but one!

Romper:  Zara
Sunglasses:  Ralph Lauren
Bag:  American Eagle
Booties:  Shoedazzle

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