23 February 2014


As I mentioned, I'm in Stuart again for the weekend (actually now for the week, or until Thursday, that is).  There are a lot of reasons why I like this little coastal town, but one of my favorite parts is the Roosevelt Bridge.

This massive bridge connects two parts of the mainland over the St. Lucie River.  The Stuart Riverwalk runs right up to and underneath the Stuart side of the bridge, as well as offers a walkway running under the bridge out twards the center of the river, as seen in the photo above.  While the bridge may just look like a regular old concrete bridge, it's actually a really beautiful element in the view from the Stuart Riverwalk.  I especially love it at night, when the lights reflect in the black river to create a perfect mirror image.  I decided to capture two identical shots of the bridge - one at mid-day and one at night - to create a comparative look and to try and share the beauty I see in this big hunk of concrete.  :)  Check out my other posts from Stuart here and here for some more shots of the Roosevelt Bridge!

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