21 February 2014


Note:  Totally forgot I had this post as a draft and just forgot to schedule it... FAIL.  But better late than never!!

MY SEAHAWKS WON THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!  Please allow me to gush about this for the next 10 million years (read: the rest of this post, at least) because we 12s have been waiting for this FOREVER.  I cannot even begin to explain my love for this team, and the pride I have for Seattle and in being a part of the 12th Man.  Super Bowl Sunday this year will forever be one of the greatest days in Seattle history and it means a lot to me and to all Seattle sports fans that we can say that.

But moving on... Aside from the actual game, which, while epic, was, I admit, slightly dull in the sense that there really wasn't any obvious challenge, the rest of the day was also amazingly great.  A completely unrelated but still awesome morning led the way into the actual game, and immediately after it was official that we had won, I grabbed our big 12 flag and ran out of our building down onto the street and ran along the beach with it in all the Seahawks gear I own, flag streaming behind me, yelling as I went.  People in the apartments yelled back and cheered, and one group asked me to hold out the flag and run with it again on my way back to get a picture.  It was so great!

After going back inside and watching the post-game interviews and such, I met up with friends and we all went into downtown Seattle for the celebrations and festivities.  We took the bus because to hell if we were gonna even try to drive through the city, let alone deal with parking!  Well, the bus got onto the exit ramp for 1st Avenue and suddenly we were at a complete standstill, so the bus driver let us out on the middle of the exit ramp and we danced and ran through all the stopped traffic cheering while they honked their horns and cheered from the cars.  All of 1st Avenue from Pike Place Market down through Pioneer Square was full of people and any cars that were trying to go through were either stopped or moving super slowly, blasting music, people hanging out the windows cheering and waving flags, and some people even sitting on top of the bigger cars.  There were empty booze containers littering the streets, and people were drinking and cheering and chanting everywhere we looked.  Guys, I can't even explain how much of a party it was.  Forget a block party, this was a city party!!  These photos only begin to give an idea of what it was like in downtown Seattle on February 2, 2014.  Enjoy, and GO HAWKS!!!!

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