05 December 2012

I'd like to thank the Academy... no, jk. But really.

 Suzanne from the Suzanne Carillo Style Files nominated me for this award, and I'm very grateful.

I'll be honest with you.  Normally, I wouldn't do these kinds of things, because they remind me of those awful chain mail emails, and just seems kind of silly.  But, I'm putting aside my reservations in this case, not because I want to be all "look at the award I got!", but because the idea behind this award giving thing is actually with a great intention in mind.  It allows us to explore this blogging world, finding new blogs and meeting new people, as well as expressing kindness to other bloggers we already like.  It's a token of our appreciation, and I don't think that should ever be overlooked.

So, I'm gonna go along with this, and play by the rules...
1.  Display the award certificate on your website.
2.  Announce your win with a post and include a link to whoever presented your award.
3.  Present 7 awards to deserving bloggers. Create a post linking to them and drop them a comment to tip them off.
4.  Post 7 interesting facts about yourself.

Seven bloggers who inspire me...
Syndey was the reason I started blogging.  Hers was the first blog that I checked every. single. day. for a new postI had just started college, and at the time, she was a student too, so her style was something that I was inspired by in a completely and realistically wearable way, and I still draw on that to this day.  Also, her personality is just so genuine and personable!  Not to mention, she's a right laugh!
The life and style of a fellow twenty-something living in NYC, which is where I hope to end up, so of course, her life is something I read about with the intention that one day soon, I'll be living somewhat similarly.  Christina is hilarious, stylish, and real.  
As I'm currently in London, Rose's blog is particularly relevant, and just the other day I drew on it for picking a place to go eat.  But aside from life in London, I never tire of Rose's recipes!  Half of my food board on pinterest is probably from her blog.
Marion never fails to exude class and sophistication through her outfits, and her moments of the week are just priceless!  Not to mention, I love her Trends of the Month - always a great way to play around with my wardrobe as well as find new blogs!
Lauren is living in London and traveling Europe with her hubby, so of course I've looked to her blog for a lot of travel inspiration and tips this fall!  But also, she's just so funny and down to earth.  And now preggers with twins - congrats!
If I'm in a rut, style-wise, this is the first place I go.  She is the remix queen, and hoarder of colored jeans, which of course I relate to.
I think I first found Miki's blog through a post similar to this on another blog, but I immediately became hooked on her personality!  She's so honest and real, and I feel like I relate to her in a lot of ways.  And she has a really cute puppy, which is always a bonus.

Seven facts about myself...
  1. I can't straighten my left arm all the way because I broke my elbow in a horseback riding accident.  Funny story there is that it was during a test ride for the horse I then bought.  Broken bones, buy the horse!
  2. I can move my eyeballs out of sync with each other in different directions, but for the life of me, I cannot roll my R's.
  3. One time (at band camp... no, just kidding) I was making sugar cookies and upon taking them out of the oven and finding them flat as pancakes, I asked my mom why they didn't turn out right, and she discovered that I had used powdered sugar instead of flour.  Whoops...
  4. Of the two family dogs we've had, I named both of them.  The first, Glory, I don't remember how I came up with - but I was seven at the time, so who knows what was going on in my head.  The second, Raleigh, our current dog, was named after the Raleigh Tavern Society (to which my parents belong) in Colonial Williamsburg, where we've visited pretty much every year since I was a baby.  It's basically my second home.
  5. If I get started on cranberry sauce, I'll never stop.  That's why, at Thanksgiving, I always eat it last, because then I'm afraid I'd never get to anything else.
  6. I'm a very fast eater.
  7. You would think that since I have quite long legs, I would be a good runner.  You would be wrong.  I did track in fourth grade and the only ribbon I got was for participation.  Also, I always lost at tag, and once I was "it", it was likely to stay that way unless I got lucky or some poor soul took pity on me.
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