30 May 2013


I love music festivals!  Like really, I want to go to ALL of them.  Last weekend I was lucky enough to score a ticket to Sasquatch at the Gorge, which I hadn't thought I'd be able to go to because the tickets are sooooo expensive and I had to work some of the days that weekend.  But basically I was able to get a one day VIP pass for a reduced price through a friend of a friend and headed straight to the Gorge after work on Friday to meet up with my friend and her sister to see the Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend, and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis!

MACKLEMORE, you guys!!  The reason I wanted to go to Sasquatch in the first place, and I was able to catch him.  SO happy.  Also, best show I've been to, maybe even more so than Lady Gaga, and that's saying something because Gaga is hardly a concert - it's an experience.  But Macklemore.... now that was just an epic freaking party!  I have a lot of love and respect for Macklemore - he's my homeboy.  Seattle pride, y'all.  I have a lot of love and pride for my city, and his music exemplifies that.  So, yeah, the show was incredible.  Like, I'll go to every one of his that I can and I'll even go alone if I have to because I didn't even notice that anyone else was there with me.  We just dance, and we cry, and we laugh, and have a really, really, really, good time.  ;)  [For those who caught that reference, we're automatically friends. :p]

After we partied with Macklemore into the early morning hours, we wandered back through the campgrounds for some sleep.  I had to leave the next day as I had commitments and my ticket was a one day pass only.  Leaving was so, so hard.  I wanted to stay and see The Lumineers, The XX, Mumford & Sons, etc. SO. BADLY.  Tough times, guys.  :(  But I'm grateful I got to go for the time that I did, and I saw Macklemore, which was the most important one to me, and well as Arctic Monkeys and Vampire Weekend so I can't really complain too much.  :)

***I just have to add that The Gorge is incredible.  Sitting on the hill at the mainstage and watching performances with that incredible (#nofilter) sunset and view as the backdrop is surreal.  Again, one of the many reasons I love my beautiful Washington state.

23 May 2013


 Once my internship with Pericles ended, I still had a week before graduation, and since my mom lives in Florida, I went down to visit her.  Little did I know that we were going to take a little whirlwind trip to Key West for three days to celebrate her birthday and my upcoming college graduation!  Surprise vacations rock, you guys.

20 May 2013


 Here are the truths of my reality as I write this...

- I'm sitting in Boston Logan Airport waiting to board my flight home to Seattle.
- I graduated from college yesterday.
- In exactly two weeks, I'll be in another airport, preparing to board my flight to London.

This does not feel like real life.  At all.  I mean, every time I think about all this and realize that this is actually the reality of my life, I'm in awe.  Literally, too good to be true.  I can't even.  And even just focusing on the fact that I'm now a college graduate...!!  I'm done with school.  That's ridiculous.  It feels weird, but in a good way.  I don't miss it... yet.  I'm sure I will miss some aspects eventually, but right now I'm just so caught up in everything that has happened, is happening, and is going to happen, that I actually don't have the brain capacity to think about anything else.  It's all overload.  So I'm just going to be here in my happy place until my internal hard drive clears up a bit.

...I'm done with school.

11 May 2013


The past week I've been living just outside Boston proper, in Brookline with my friend, Nicole.  Move out of the dorms was last Saturday, but since I have my internship on Pericles through May 12, I needed to remain in Boston that long before leaving until graduation.  And I gotta say, it's really refreshing to live in a community that isn't in the downtown part of the city!  I mean, just look at those cherry blossom trees, and that sunlight through the greenery.  Gorgeous.  And homey.  While I love living in city, it's nice to go back to my roots of living in the bordering neighborhoods.

Monday I'm leaving for Florida for a few days, then coming back next weekend for graduation.  Monday is also three weeks until I leave for London again!  SO excited.

07 May 2013


Jacket: New Look / Top: Zara / Jeans: Delias / Shoes: Converse

I'm leaving for London again on June 3rd to intern at Shakespeare's Globe theatre this summer!!!!

I've been waiting and waiting and waiting to be able to announce this!  It's been killing me.  But I got the formal invite to join them this morning and immediately started jumping up and down and squealing with excitement because a process that has been in the works for two months is finally confirmed and I'm moving back to London!!

I can't even type out how excited I am about this!!  I'll be interning in the Department of Music as a sort of managerial intern for them.  I can't wait, guys!!  In a month, I'll be in London!!!  AHHHHHH.

Also, on top of that, we got our grades today and somehow I managed to maintain a 3.9 GPA on top of stage managing two shows, work, and an internship.  I have no idea how I managed to do that, but yay!!!  :D

02 May 2013


The sun was shining,
t'was a lovely day!
What was in the bag?
It's my cap and gown
for graduation day!
 Okay, so I tried to write a little 4-line verse there, based off of the opening to Avenue Q since that was what was stuck in my head while I walked around in the sun today, but alas, I am not a songwriter.  Nor should I try to write poems, stories, or anything really.  I mean, I've already written six papers in the last week - why on earth am I actually lending brain power, however minimal, to writing anything else?  Exactly.

But the moral of the story I was trying to make all sing-songy was that I picked up my cap and gown and everything else graduation related today!  I got home, pulled it all out, hung it up all nice because the instructions said to so the wrinkles from being folded would fall out, then realized I'm moving on Saturday and then going to Florida and back before graduation.  So really, I should've just left it in it's packaging because I'm pretty sure I gave it more wrinkles putting it back in again.  That fabric is hard to fold, yo!  And this is why I fail at being domestic in any way.  Anywho, I'll be the girl walking in the wrinkly gown while everyone else is all sleek and shiny and wrinkle-free.  Won't be able to miss me.
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