Once my internship with Pericles ended, I still had a week before graduation, and since my mom lives in Florida, I went down to visit her.  Little did I know that we were going to take a little whirlwind trip to Key West for three days to celebrate her birthday and my upcoming college graduation!  Surprise vacations rock, you guys.

 We went to the famed Sloppy Joe's bar and grill where we gorged on huge nachos and drinks (which are served in plastic cups everywhere so you can walk around Key West with your cocktails) while enjoying some live entertainment - these guys provided some comedy and music and were quite the riot, I must say.
 On our second day we rented bikes and rode down to the southernmost point of the United States, then over to the beach to spend a few hours quality time with our friend (eh... questionable), the sun.  I say questionable as the sun is my skin's worst enemy.  I don't mind the sun... until my skin turns a nice shade of cherry red and I become a walking tomato person.  Despite my use of SPF 80 sunscreen every hour, I might add.
 Observe the lovely burn line below...
 After the beach and watching the sunset over another cocktail, we headed to a dessert place called Better Than Sex.  This place only serves desserts and dessert-y beverages and is naughty in more than one way!  Not only are the desserts and drinks sinfully delicious, but everything has quite a naughty theme to it.  ;)  I had the Sex Appeal cocktail, which was sparkling white Moscato in a pink sugar and white chocolate rimmed glass (they dip all their glasses in chocolate that pairs with the wine - their "Signature Rim Jobs").  For my dessert, I had the "Between My Red Velvet Sheets" Cheesecake - a red velvet cheesecake on a double chocolate chip cookie crust with cream cheese frosting.  SO good.
 After thoroughly overindulging, we happily and sleepily stumbled back to our hotel and comfy fluffy beds.  We had thought to wake up early and go watch the sunrise next morning from the beach, but clearly, that did not happen.  :p
 Our last day before our flight was spent walking around eating coconut ice cream and drinking a mystery cocktail (and a strong one at that) out of a coconut, then lounging at the pool for a few final hours.
After three days of tropical paradise, we headed back to my mom's place in central Florida to get a few hours of sleep before setting back out to the airport and heading north to Boston for graduation!

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