02 May 2013


The sun was shining,
t'was a lovely day!
What was in the bag?
It's my cap and gown
for graduation day!
 Okay, so I tried to write a little 4-line verse there, based off of the opening to Avenue Q since that was what was stuck in my head while I walked around in the sun today, but alas, I am not a songwriter.  Nor should I try to write poems, stories, or anything really.  I mean, I've already written six papers in the last week - why on earth am I actually lending brain power, however minimal, to writing anything else?  Exactly.

But the moral of the story I was trying to make all sing-songy was that I picked up my cap and gown and everything else graduation related today!  I got home, pulled it all out, hung it up all nice because the instructions said to so the wrinkles from being folded would fall out, then realized I'm moving on Saturday and then going to Florida and back before graduation.  So really, I should've just left it in it's packaging because I'm pretty sure I gave it more wrinkles putting it back in again.  That fabric is hard to fold, yo!  And this is why I fail at being domestic in any way.  Anywho, I'll be the girl walking in the wrinkly gown while everyone else is all sleek and shiny and wrinkle-free.  Won't be able to miss me.
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