02 May 2012

instagram wednesday

I got some great feedback on my post from last week {you can see it here} and thought I might try it again.  Also, it was great for me, seeing this collection of images to sum up my week.  It's kinda fun to see  it like that, instead of just trying to recall things in your mind.  Like a photo diary from week to week.

So, here's some Instagram pics from this week...

  1. Studying for finals began last week and will continue until tomorrow, so my life right now basically looks like this picture.
  2. Goodie bags and superlatives at the end of the year party for the Techies' Union - unexpected and appreciated!
  3. Speaking of Techies' Union, I got my shirt!  Woohoo!!  I feel pretty legit in it...
  4. The end of the year party followed a scavenger hunt which included balloons.  I really like balloons, especially when they look as pretty as this!
  5. It rained.  On the first of May.  I should not have to break out my rainboots and umbrella with summer oh so near.
  6. I went to the pre-departure orientation for Study Abroad this week - only 4 months before I move to London!
  7. I'm obsessed with Tostitos tortilla chips.  They're soooo salty and good!  Add a bit of guac, and it's the best. snack. ever.
  8. Since I'm off work for a while, I can paint my nails, which of course meant breaking out my new Essie Mint Candy Apple polish!  I'm in love with it.
  9. One of the lighting design finals - we have to light a white model for an opera.  I think this looks so beautiful.
  10. The packing continues.  Boxes, boxes, and more boxes {which the Hyatt was so generous to provide upon request}.  Hey, it saves me moolah!
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