01 May 2012

and so it begins

Top: Jason Wu for Target / Jeans: Delias / Belt: Target / Flats: Nordstrom / Sunglasses: UO

Yesterday was the first day of finals week.

I have three thoughts regarding this week:
1.  I can't wait for it to be over.
2.  I don't want it to end.
3.  Why is it so cold??

On the subject of thought #1, well, it's pretty self explanatory.  Finals, people!  When do we not want that week to end?  Regarding thought #2, I only say this because come Saturday, I'll be officially moving out of the Hyatt, and somebody else will be checking in to live in the room that has been my home for the past nine months.  It's a weird thought...  And as for thought #3, can someone please explain to me why on earth we suddenly seem to be going backwards on the weather spectrum when it's the beginning of May?!  Yesterday was windy and biting.  Not the weather one hopes for or expects on the last day of April.

I'm gonna go study now.

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