04 May 2012

awkward and awesome friday

Sweater: JC Penney / Jeggings: AE / Rainboots: Hunter / Umbrella: DSW / Watch: Windsor

  • Washing my hair and having an uncomfortable amount of hair come out in my hand.  Enough that I checked to make sure there wasn't a bald spot on my head.  Apparently my hair must grow really fast, which is good considering how much gets shed.
  • The fact that I haven't gone to the gym all week and I feel gross.
  • My stomach making awkward uncontrollable rumbling noises in the middle of a silent room.  No, I'm not hungry.  No, they aren't farts.  No, I could not get any redder, thank you.
  • Answering someone's question and then realizing they weren't talking to me.  Or even worse, saying thanks to a compliment only to realize they were complimenting someone else, and then they're all like "but your whatever is nice too..."  Yeah, thanks, I'm just going to go over here now...
  • Going to do the self checkout at the store and realizing I forgot my wallet.
  • Having to pack on the last day and running out of boxes.  So what do I proceed to do?  Go to every business in the area and ask if they have boxes they're gonna recycle that I can have.  Awkward, but necessary.  Boxes are expensive, yo!
  • I'm freeeeeee!!  Free as a bird!  Hello, summer, aren't you looking fine.
  • I'm off to sunny Florida and Harry Potter World tomorrow.  Oh yeah!
  • My history teacher - last week we turned in our papers which were based off of oral interviews we did, and in class, we were allowed to interview her, so we heard her life story.  Let me tell you that this woman is incredible.  Basically building herself from nothing and overcoming unbelievable obstacles to being a truly successful teacher, and soon to be a dean at a university down south.  It was astounding, and I have so much respect for this woman.
  • The truly great comments I get on blog posts.  I love reading every single one, and I'm super happy to see that the "Week in Color" and "Instagram Wednesday" weekly posts are being well-received.  It's a lot of fun doing them, and the blog as a whole, so to see people enjoying something I enjoy making is really rewarding.
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