17 July 2014


Okay so I feel a bit like a slacker, because I do have things going on in my life, and I do want to document them, because, you know, looking back and all that stuff, but at the same time, whenever I have the time at home to sit and edit photos, write posts, etc, I don't really feel like it.  I generally just end up putting something on the TV for background noise and using the time to catch up with my friends back in Seattle, checking Bloglovin' for the blogs I follow, and reading a book.  These are all things that require little to no thought or effort, which sounds incredibly lazy, but honestly, after working customer service all day and dealing with people of all different kinds, I just want to be lazy and do nothing.

But honestly, another huge reason I haven't been updating the blog much is because I haven't got pictures to put in a post, even if I've got stuff to say, and I cannot stand posts without pictures.  SO you know, there's that.

Regardless, I apologize to my future self for wishing I'd updated more so I have more to look back on in this medium and I apologize to any followers/readers I have (I've been super boring so if you're still here, then you are awesome and deserve amazingness of all kinds).

Just wanted to put this all out there before I now get to work on a post about my time in Seattle, which was like over a week ago now.  Like I said, slacker.
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