29 July 2014


Today I felt inspired... to make an outfit post!  I recently bought these jeans and they're just so amazing all around and I felt so great in them that I decided it was about time I made one.  It was a quick photo sesh with me, myself, and my camera (hence the awkward nose scratch photo below which I'm not entirely sure why I included, but oh well).

25 July 2014


When I first came to Florida, my intention was to stay until mid-May, then return until Seattle.  Well, obviously, that got prolonged for a while.  But I'm finally ready and able to move back to Seattle.  August 26 and I am so excited to go home!!

18 July 2014


Even though I wasn't able to be home for the actual 4th of July, there was no chance in hell that I was going to miss out on a chance to go back to Seattle, up to the boat in Roche Harbor, and see all my friends and the family members who flew in from all around the world (literally as far as Malaysia).  So after working close on July 4th, I caught the first plane out in the wee hours of the next morning and made it back to Seattle and up to the San Juans by about 3 in the afternoon on the 5th.  Totally worth it.  While sometimes family vacations are highly overrated, and this one certainly was no exception at times, it really was a great time being able to see all my family members, visit the boat that my sister and I grew up visiting and learning to sail on, go walking through the woods and exploring, going out for a spin on the water in the Green Machine (our smaller motorboat), and eating ice cream cones every night while watching the retiring of the flags at sundown.

17 July 2014


Okay so I feel a bit like a slacker, because I do have things going on in my life, and I do want to document them, because, you know, looking back and all that stuff, but at the same time, whenever I have the time at home to sit and edit photos, write posts, etc, I don't really feel like it.  I generally just end up putting something on the TV for background noise and using the time to catch up with my friends back in Seattle, checking Bloglovin' for the blogs I follow, and reading a book.  These are all things that require little to no thought or effort, which sounds incredibly lazy, but honestly, after working customer service all day and dealing with people of all different kinds, I just want to be lazy and do nothing.

But honestly, another huge reason I haven't been updating the blog much is because I haven't got pictures to put in a post, even if I've got stuff to say, and I cannot stand posts without pictures.  SO you know, there's that.

Regardless, I apologize to my future self for wishing I'd updated more so I have more to look back on in this medium and I apologize to any followers/readers I have (I've been super boring so if you're still here, then you are awesome and deserve amazingness of all kinds).

Just wanted to put this all out there before I now get to work on a post about my time in Seattle, which was like over a week ago now.  Like I said, slacker.

02 July 2014


Last week was quite eventful.  Aside from a full work week, we went for a random and impromptu night out on Wednesday after work, then Friday was my birthday, which was filled with skydiving (I completed my first level of AFF - getting my skydiving certification), going out for food and drinks with some coworkers, then celebrating in downtown Orlando until the early morning hours.  Needless to say, by the time Saturday rolled around, I was in need of a day off.  Having spent the night in Orlando, I decided to take a "me day" and go out and explore.
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