29 July 2014


Today I felt inspired... to make an outfit post!  I recently bought these jeans and they're just so amazing all around and I felt so great in them that I decided it was about time I made one.  It was a quick photo sesh with me, myself, and my camera (hence the awkward nose scratch photo below which I'm not entirely sure why I included, but oh well).

I had a day off today and went into Orlando with my mom, great aunt, and her S.O. Jim for lunch and trips to Ikea and Nordstrom.  I don't know about anyone else, but I have a love/hate relationship with Ikea.  I love that you can get almost anything you need there for a decent price and I love wandering through the store, looking at the setups and displays and envisioning my own home.  But after about an hour, maybe two, I'm done.  I'm a fast walker and shopper at Ikea... unlike my other two family members!  So the hate part of the relationship comes in when having to meander through suuuuuper slowly, staying in one department too long, or retracing steps and moving backwards against the arrows, farther from the exit.  But anyway, it was kind of exciting to go to Ikea this time, knowing that soon I'll have my own apartment to decorate!

Nordstrom was a completely(-ish) unnecessary trip, but I mean, the Anniversary Sale is going on AND the Orlando location is closing in a couple weeks!  It's the only location within two hours from where I live so obviously I was going to take advantage before it shuts its doors for good - I may have bought two pairs of shoes... :p

It was a really fun day off, and honestly, I'm glad to be filling my days up with as much as possible, because the busier I am, the quicker time passes.  Can you tell I'm excited to go back to Seattle?  I've loved my time in Florida, truly, but it's time to go home, and time seems to be moving sooooo sloooowly.  Four more weeks from today and I'll be on the plane!

Cami:  Topshop for Nordstrom
Jeans:  Joe's Jeans (from Nordstrom)
Sandals:  Victoria's Secret

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