29 April 2014


There's a bird outside that is making a squeaking sound just softly and randomly enough that at first I thought I had an ear infection and the sound was made from me moving my head a certain way.  Then I thought maybe it was my chair.  Now I'm about 80% sure it's a bird and 100% sure that it needs to go away or someone needs to make it.

I've been sick all weekend and unable to digest any food.  My body needed the food to function, but wouldn't accept any, so essentially I starved all weekend.  Now, I'm finally able to eat some few things in little bits, but I'm dreaming of a day where I can drink a huge iced coffee and a Chipotle burrito bowl.

A couple of our instructors at iFly are in Seattle to work at the tunnel up there for a month, and I'm a bit jealous because I'm realizing that I miss Seattle.  I'm so very proud of my city, and happy that they get to see why, but I also wish that I could enjoy it, too.

I'm very, very, excited to get back home for 4th of July.  Spending the 4th at the boat in Roche Harbor with all the family is going to be so fun, and we're gonna kick some major family team ass this year at those competitions.  Absolutely cannot wait!
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