22 April 2014


While I certainly hope everyone had a splendid Easter Sunday, I'm absolutely positive that I don't envy anyone of theirs because mine consisted of rave-flying in a glow stick lit wind tunnel into the wee hours of the morning.  Also, I finally bested those damn transitions.  Suck it, transitions.  But I digress...

After work at iFly Orlando on Sunday, we zip-tied tons of glow sticks to the net inside the tunnel as well as to various parts of ourselves, turned out all the lights, set the tunnel camera to take timed photos, and got to flying.  It was so much fun to not only fly and watch others fly, but to do so in the dark with all the colored glow sticks being the only source of light.  Truly awesome, and a perfect example of why my job rocks!  Absolutely LOVE it.

The above blurs of light are all me at various points throughout the night.

Of course, some photos are clearly more epic than others, such as the rave-tastic photos of multiple flying sharing the tunnel.

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