15 April 2014


Here I am finally with the last day of our NYC trip!  It's been a week, guys.  But I haven't forgotten about this last post.  I just simply haven't been home or on my laptop in about a week.  Long time, no see, eh?

On our last day, we met up with my sister's friend and coworker from back in Seattle, who just so happened to be in NYC at the same time as us.  She joined us for lunch at Bareburger, then hung out with us for a little bit while we walked over to check out Katz's Deli - the epitome of a NYC Jewish deli, apparently, and one my mom wanted to check out as she works for a Jewish deli down here in Florida.  It was absolutely jam-packed, so while she checked out the food on offer, we decided to go get a coffee at place nearby that a previously NYC-based friend of mine suggested.

After grabbing coffees and meeting back up with my mom, my sister's friend left us, and the three of us headed back to Times Square, where we were meeting my friend Kelly at the New York Times building.  Remember Kelly?  My study-abroad and all things London BFF?  She happened to be in NYC that day as well, doing a thing with fellow staff members of her university's paper at the NYT building, so of course we needed to reunite.  The last I'd seen her was when she finished her internship in London last summer, and left me there to continue at the Globe without her to share the city with.  Somehow I still managed to survive in London ;p.  But it was strange not having her around as well.  So it was especially wonderful to see her in NYC - only the second time we've ever been together in America!

After much too short of a time together, my family and I sadly had to go back and grab our bags from our hotel and get a move on towards the airport.  Leaving wasn't all bad, though - we were able to make one last pit stop to get macarons from Laduree.  My mom had never had Laduree macarons before and I had only just introduced my sister to them in London last summer.  But I definitely needed to stock up, and stock up I did!

Miraculously, I still have some of these naughty little beauties in the freezer... hmmmm... ;)

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