15 February 2014


I think that Valentine's Day is inaptly named for what it actually means to represent.  The term "Valentine" is derived from Saint Valentine, who most people associate with love in a relationship with a significant other.  While yeah, of course V-Day is a day for appreciating that special someone, it's also a day to appreciate the love shared with your family, friends, pets, etc.  I think that Valentine's Day ought to be called Love Appreciation Day in order to more accurately reflect the day's meaning.

My own thoughts on the day aside, V-Day is widely seen as a couple-centric day.  It can be a depressing day for us singles if we let it.  I'll admit, I have no great love for the day of love.  However, I don't hate it, either.   Honestly, any day that gives me an excuse to get dressed up in heels is at least a decent day.  So I hope everyone made the most of their V-Day, whether you're part of a couple or not.  For me, my main man is currently my dog, and I had a ball snuggling him all day and feeding him endless Pup-peroni treats (I'm not buying his love with food at all...).

Dress:  ASOS
Heels:  Macy's

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