13 February 2014


In my last post, I mentioned how while I was in Stuart, I attended a masquerade.  Well, my mom's friend's daughter was throwing a masquerade party while we were in town, and we were invited to join in on the fun.  It was a pre-Valentine party and couldn't have been more fun, to be quite honest!  I went to the party not knowing anyone except Morgan, the hostess, who I'd only met the day before.  But I walked out of that party (or rather went to sleep as I was staying at the house) having met tons of people and making quite a few new friends.

The house itself is a historical landmark in Stuart, and is featured on the history tours that occasionally come through.  You can see more on the house at its website here.   The whole upstairs was beautifully decorated in a Valentine's Day theme that was tasteful and not overdone.  Delicious treats were set out, candy hearts littered the table as both decor and snacks, string lights turned on while the overhead lighting was lowered to set the party mood, and the music started booming as guests arrived.  One thing I really appreciated was how into the masquerade spirit everyone got!  There were some basic masks available for people who didn't have one, but I think only one or two people didn't have a mask when they arrived.  Everyone also seemed to have different ones, and the ones who had the same masks were different anyway because of the DIY decorating the wearer had done as well.  People kept their masks on for several hours, and only in the last hour or two did the masks disappear almost completely.  I have to say, meeting anywhere from 20-30 people in a night all wearing masks was both difficult and amusing - when the masks came off, I would re-introduce myself, not always knowing I'd already met the person, because I remembered the masks and not their actual faces!

People also really dresses to the nines for the party as well, which was a lot of fun because anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to dress up all spiffy.  Any excuse, right??  Sometimes I wish I could visit the 1920's where people put on black-tie formal wear just for a dinner party.  Anyway, it was loads of fun to partake in such a classy but fun party with the absolute greatest theme.  I love masquerades, and this party just solidified that!
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