GOAL LIST (or any other way of saying bucket list without actually saying bucket list)

I've been thinking a lot about the things I want to accomplish this year.  I don't really like the term "bucket list" because it seems so restrictive to "before I die" lists, when there are so many kinds out there - yearly, five year, ten year, "by the time I'm x years old" ones, 101 things in 1001 days, etc... and I've always wanted to put one together, but never officially have.  Every time I've tried, it gets lost, I forget about it, or, most likely, my goals change or are unrealistic (What can I say? I'm ambitious!).  There are certain things that I want to do this year, and in the next five, ten, etc, but I'm going to keep it short and sweet for now.  At some point I'll probably make this post it's own page and extend/elaborate on it for my own reference.  For now, this is a subject-to-grow list of my goals for 2014.

  • be the stage manager of a professional production
  • progress at indoor skydiving to Level III flyer (or vertically oriented fly positions)
  • go actual skydiving
  • try surfing
  • run a 10k
  • go back to Europe
  • visit NYC
  • ride a motorcycle
  • write a longer term bucket list and actually keep track of it, altering as necessary

Short and sweet for now.  I'll add to it eventually I'm sure.

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