14 January 2014


I read this article (11 Reasons Why the Seattle Seahawks are the Absolute Worst) earlier and it is so completely ridiculous that I felt the need to post a point by point rebuttal to it.
  1. No shit, Sherlock.  Also, you've clearly never been to Seattle.  I mean, I hate the Niners, but don't have anything against the city of SF.
  2. So two different sports teams share a stadium during two different seasons... I fail to see how this is pertinent.
  3. Yeah, that's a horrible thing to do - won't deny it for a second.  However, that's against a singular person, not the whole team.
  4. Sounds like something Kaepernick would do...
  5. First, home field advantage means we can do what we want.  Broncos are doing the same thing.  Also, your coach doesn't seem to care, so why do you?  Second, you'd probably do the same if you had the option.  Third, of course we don't want the opposing teams fans.  How Canadians factor in I don't know, except that they're more likely to be Hawks fans.
  6. Seattle can handle a seismic tremor.  It's not like it's a massive earthquake.  Besides, SF is hardly better off than Seattle in the earthquake department.  Remember when the city burned to the ground?
  7. He was awesome, that's all that matters.  But anyway, he's not our QB anymore, so this isn't really a currently valid point, regardless.
  8. Yeah, we agreed, which is why we've since changed them.
  9. This just shows that you're going to hate our jerseys no matter what they look like, so whatever.  I care more about the players wearing them.
  10. Colin Kaepernick: Justin Beiber wannabe, or regular douchebag?  And again, Bosworth doesn't play for us anymore, so not a currently valid point.
  11. PETE. F***ING. CARROLL!!!
I would also like to point out that they wrote one of these about the Carolina Panthers as well, which only goes to exemplify how pathetic the need to individually put down other teams is.  We all trash talk, but this is ridiculous.  I have purposefully rebutted these points in a way that I hope does not attack the Niners but rather solely refutes the attacks on us.  The only exception to that here is Kaepernick because I cannot respect him as a person.
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