03 December 2013


As I mentioned in my last post and have showcased on Instagram, I spent a long Thanksgiving weekend at Silver Star Mountain Resort in Canada with my extended family for several days of skiing, eating, skiing some more, and eating some more.  It was really fun to see my cousins and aunt and uncle, and to hang out all together with them and our grandma.  It isn't often that we all are able to get together since we live six hours apart and we're all at ages where we each have our own stuff going on, be it school, work, or in my case, being outside the country half the time over the previous two years!  So getting together for American Thanksgiving at Silver Star was really a treat.  

We all rented a chalet to stay in for the weekend, and it was really nice.  I mean, this place was beautiful, with some great views, a homey feel, and seriously the most wonderfully soft and comfy bedding ever!  I have no idea what the sheets were made of (I tried to look for a tag but couldn't find one), but they were sooooo soft, you guys.  It was some kind of miracle material.  The kitchen was a bit smaller than we anticipated, considering we were making food (and a Thanksgiving dinner no less!) for 10 people each night.  But we all slept comfortably in the house without a problem, and it was really convenient access to the village and the ski slopes and trails.

We arrived on Wednesday evening and got settled in, then on Thursday, the day of Thanksgiving, went down to the village to rent our equipment.  My cousins live in the mountains and ski all the time, so they had all their own stuff, but my sister and I didn't.  We were able to rent skis and all for the entire three days, which was really nice as it meant we could literally just ski in and out of the house whenever we pleased.  Thursday was spent on the cross-country trails, and we all worked up quite an appetite!  Good thing it was a BIG turkey dinner to be had that evening!  We literally ate turkey in various ways for lunch and dinner all weekend.  The rest of the weekend was spent skiing during the day (a mix of downhill and x-country), soaking in the hot tub on the deck in the evening, eating delicious turkey-based dinners, and ending the night hanging out around the TV for a film or playing various games, such as Quelf (a personal favorite, and we ran out of pieces for everyone so we used a shallot, haha) and a new one we found called Consulting Detective, which is basically a Sherlock Holmes mystery game in which you pick a case and read the clues to solve it.  All in all, despite my bum being incredibly sore from landing on my arse one too many times whilst skiing, it was a stonking good holiday weekend, and a great time with the family!  Hope everyone else who celebrates had just as wonderful a Thanksgiving, and hey, for the first time in 70,000 years (or something) a happy Hanukkah as well!

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