04 November 2013


(both versions of above photo © Helena Miscioscia)

 So this past Thursday was Halloween, and as I have mentioned, it was fairly low key because I essentially celebrated my Halloween in a big way quite early this year at the Globe's end of season party!

Every year, the Globe ends their season with an End of Season party, and every year, that party has a theme.  This year the theme was Fright Night.  Now, in the UK, Halloween isn't quite as huge as in America.  People do celebrate it and have parties, but when the theme is something like Fright Night, people actually take the fright thing quite seriously and generally dress quite accordingly.  The result (especially as this was for theatre people) was lots of elaborate and truly frightening costumes.  I tossed around a few ideas, trying to come up with something inexpensive and not requiring too many resources whilst still being clever or just a generally good costume.  I ended up deciding to work with what I've got and run with the "gingers have no soul" thing.  I feel like I succeeded in making it quite creepy.

The party itself was epic!  The final showing of Macbeth finished in the early evening, and the Globe was transformed into a disco club complete with live band and DJ.  Costumed people began to take form and descend onto the piazza, where Halloumi Man had set up shop making sandwiches and providing food.  One of the bars that was set up providing the beverages and people mingled and chatted or went into the main theatre to dance.  At near midnight, the party moved down into the Underglobe exhibition area where the DJ spun some awesome music and everyone drank and danced late into the early morning hours.  The whole night went way too quickly, despite the fact that I didn't actually get home into bed until 8 am.  It was SO much fun despite not going quite as I had intended, and I'm okay with that, because we all had such a brilliant time.  I really, really miss being there, and am so happy that I was able to finish my time at the Globe in such a wonderful way!

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