07 November 2013


I haven't changed out of my fleece onesie yet.  It's noon on a Thursday, I woke up four hours ago, and all I've done is had coffee and breakfast whilst watching New Girl on Netflix on the couch in my footie pajamas.  This is the life of an unemployed, 23-year old theatre person with $12.50 to her name.  I mean, I suppose we can look on the bright side and at least be admiring of the facts that I was able to wake up at a reasonable hour, actually make breakfast/coffee, and the day isn't completely wasted because it is still only noon.

Also, my keyboard is broken.  I mean I'm clearly still able to type, but the shift button doesn't make the number symbol appear when I hold it and push '3'.  Instead, I get this: £.  Pounds do me no good in Seattle, keyboard.  Also, the lower-volume key makes my browser window move upwards and has no effect on the volume, whilst the raise-volume key opens my Mac dashboard.   Finally, the screen brightness keys don't do anything.  This all points to me having to take my poor old laptop to the Apple store which means putting on actual clothes (good thing), going outside (good thing), and paying money (bad thing - $12.50, remember?).  Also, whilst there, I would need to pay for an iOS upgrade because my computer still runs on Leopard.  Not even Snow Leopard - just Leopard.  I'm so behind.
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