06 October 2013


 A little while back I had a day off from work and was having one of those restless sort of days, where I stayed in my pyjamas until about two in the afternoon, really wanting to go do something but not really knowing what or where.  Then I thought, hey, wait a second, I've not actually been inside the Natural History Museum in London!  So there I went.  I got actual socially acceptable clothes on and hopped on the tube straight to South Kensington for a mosey round the museum.

I did take more pictures than these, but I thought it's not any fun to spoil the surprises inside for people who haven't been.  I can tell you though that the building itself is perhaps one of the most beautiful buildings in London (and that's saying a lot!!).  The architecture is stunning, the artifacts are really interesting, the dinosaur that greets you in the main hall (seriously) is awesome, and I particularly enjoyed The Vault, where they house tons of different kinds of gems and precious valuables, but also have info on meteors and meteorites and the like.  Personally, I really like outer space, so I really enjoyed that.
I'll leave it at that and these photos (I also had a picture of some ancestral skulls that possessed some rather photogenic grins - they were naturals! - but unfortunately, it got deleted. Humbug!).  If you haven't been, or have and fancy going again because it's FREE, check out the Hatural History Museum whilst in London.

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