30 September 2013


Confession:  I've never seen the movie.  I know, I know...  But there are a few of these American-style restaurants around London and one not too far from where I live, so last Sunday (yes, I'm ages behind, I'll get to that later), I went with three friends to get some good ol' 'Murican breakfast. 
American indeed - take a look at the bacon on my food pictured below!  That's some proper crispy bacon!  It was goooooood.

But on the topic of me being a bad blogger and the world's greatest procrastinator - I haven't been bothered to open all my photos and edit them, thereby slowing down my computer and preventing me from watching Breaking Bad.  But now that Breaking Bad is over (NOOOOOO), I should have more time to maybe do some more photo editing and blog posting.  Theoretically.  I know, I suck.
(om nom nom nom)
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