17 September 2013


I'll be honest - I really can't be bothered to recount in proper writing my day spent in Hampstead in North London, so please accept bullet points of the main... well, points.  (I know, I'm horrible for being lazy, but really I'm afraid it'll turn into a ramble fest and make no sense because most of my brain is elsewhere at the moment.  If you see it, give it a scold and a push back my way, would you? Cheers.)

  • Went for a long "country" walk on the Heath.
  • It started raining in the middle of my walk on the Heath, so I said sod it, and went into town rather than carrying on with my "country" walk.
  • Turned into a shorter walk on the Heath and added exploration of the town.
  • I love Hampstead, and could totally see myself living there in future when I (because I will) move to London.

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