10 July 2013


These are just a few photos (of the many hundreds (over a thousand?)) that I've taken in the past several weeks.  Eventually I'll get the basics down on this here internet corner (why is it always a corner of the internet? If everyone on the internet had their own corner, the internet would basically be round and we wouldn't have corners at all!).  ← Fine example of my brain going off on one of it's tangents right there.  I need to keep reminding myself to stay on topic, but then that requires my brain, which is elsewhere... it's a vicious circle.


It's been quite hot over the past weekend in London Town, and is supposed to stay this way for a bit longer.  I don't know whether it's the heat or what, but lately, I've just been wanting to take the first day I have off and go out into the countryside in a loose flowy dress with a crown of fresh flowers in my hair and gallivant about the hillside like some sort of hippie Sound of Music.  I want to wear as little as possible as I lie back and eat British strawberries with cream and drink a big iced pitcher of Pimm's.

The thing is, I basically could do this.  I just need a free day, and technically, I could make it happen.  Which is exciting.  And I'll probably do it.  In fact, it might be fun to rent a Boris bike and ride it out somewhere.  I'd really like to go camping, too, but alas I don't have camping equipment and I'm not so skilled that I'm prepared to work only with what the wilderness offers.  I need a sleeping bag and food, thanks.
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