01 July 2013


When I started this blog, it was as a multi-fold resolution.  I wanted to take more photos of things in my life, not just main events.  I wanted to document my daily life (especially theatre as it was usually what I was doing) in photos and words.  I wanted this blog to be an online scrapbook that I could look at in the future and recall the things I did and what I though/how I felt about them.  And I wanted to use the blog as the vehicle for exploring and expressing my personal style, something is always been interested in but never wanted as a career.  A [life]style blog was, I felt, the perfect way to do that.

However, recently I've been neglecting the blog in more ways than one.  I haven't been posting much, which is awful because there's a lot that's been going on that I should be and definitely want to be documenting!  The problem is that I haven't felt like this blog is completely in keeping with what I want to write anymore.  What I want to write has changed, and this blog doesn't reflect that.  So instead of changing the blog, I just haven't been posting.
But this blog is going to change - both aesthetically in it's appearance, and in the content.  It is an online diary.  Sometimes I may still put up outfit posts if I really like an outfit, but it won't be a focus.  Theatre will still be a focal topic, as it is a permanent fixture in my life and much revolves around it.  But there will be other things, personal thoughts and occurrences that sometimes I just want to write about.  I want to write my thoughts and not have to edit them to make them censored for the people I know do or can read this.  I dont want to tailor my blog to my readers, because that's not being me.  That's not what I want to worry about.  This is my space to say what I want and you can stay or go, whichever, it's up to you.  I'm going to write how I think.  I'm going to write how I speak.  Sometimes I might talk about things that I just need to vent about, or a random thought I have.  Fair warning: it may include swearing, it may not always be politically correct or ladylike.  I don't give a shit.  This is a space where I can be real and me and not have to worry about that stuff.  I'll save the editing and censoring for other places.
I've considered keeping this blog how it is and starting a new one, a private one, since I know my family reads this, and because it's linked to Facebook, etc., employers can easily read it as well.  But I really don't want to have to worry about all that.  If people don't like what I have to say, or don't approve of what I'm saying, then they don't have to read.  I'm not asking anyone to read this blog.  That said, if you want to, by all means, do.  It's a free space.

The next week or so will be very busy for me at work, since we have Macbeth press night on Thursday and our Gabriel rehearsals in full swing.  But expect changes to the blog to happen in the next couple weeks, along with some catch up posts because Jesus Christ there's a lot to catch up on!  Seriously I have so many photos and stuff that I meant to document.  Because obviously this blog is still gonna be a scrapbook of sorts - I know I'll be pissed at myself if I don't record this stuff as it happens, because I definitely want to be able to look back and remember everything about right now!  Right now is pretty damn surreal and I need to prove to myself that it's real, ya know?
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