21 June 2013


I've always had this idea that having an office job means wearing beautiful pencil skirts and crisp blazers and all those sorts of pretty business clothes, and being able to wear heels as much as you'd like, because, hey, for the most part, you're sitting at a desk.  Well, the thing with my job is that part of it is an office job, and part of it is running around the Globe moving things and carrying instruments and running errands around London and basically being on my feet and breaking a sweat at some point almost every day.  So cute heels and pretty skirts are not practical.  My basic work uniform consists primarily of jeans, Converse, and a lightweight shirt that I won't overheat in or mind getting a bit sweaty.

Now, being me, I want to be able to dress up a bit now and then.  But I also want to stay cool, especially as over the past day or two, it's been bloody warm and muggy outside.  Keeping cool while staying work appropriate in the amount of skin I show, combined with being comfortable but still feeling nice in a good outfit... it's near impossible.  In fact, it might be impossible.  I challenge you to give me an outfit that fits within all these parameters, because I'm nearly out.  Also, I have a limited (-ish, I'm still a heavy packer) wardrobe with me over here.  And I'm poor, so there goes shopping (sad face).

Anyway, here is among the best I've been able to do.  And I brought a pair of flats in case the booties got to be impractical for the work this day.  And even though it's loose and a light material, I was still a bit warm in this top.  But I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to sacrifice something, and this was the lesser of the evils I suppose.
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