18 June 2013


Last night [erm, actually, Sunday a week ago.... I may have forgotten that I hadn't already posted this], I had the fortune and pleasure to meet a family friend for tea at the Ritz.  When I found out I was coming back to London, my dad told me I might reach out to her as she does annual trips here for work.  Turns out we would be here simultaneously, so she kindly invited me to join her for tea, and I couldn't very well say no, obviously!

It was delicious, and so wonderfully elegant.  When we first sat down, we were asked if we would like champagne, and I said no thank you because I knew it cost more, and she declined as well.  But then only a half a minute later, another waiter came and placed a flute of champagne in front of each of us anyway (we accepted it, because why not?).  I later found out that the final tea sitting of the day offers a free glass of champagne, so there you go.

The finger sandwiches... something about finger sandwiches is so delightful to me.  They're so dainty and I feel so fancy eating them, even though they're not much different than sandwiches a kid would eat in a packed lunch at school.  But these were delicious.  The tea was very good, and made with loose leaf tea, so you had to put the little strainer over the cup when you poured it.  And the desserts were so decadent!  But the best part was the scones with clotted cream and jam.  If you remember, I took it upon myself earlier this year to make scones as a result of my despair of having left England.  Also, I love me some clotted cream.  America just doesn't have the same stuff. 
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