29 April 2013


Finals week.  The final finals week for me, ladies and gents.  Three exams and a final paper ahead of me.  And no, before you say that's not that much, I'll tell you that I already had five papers and a presentation that I finished last week.  So, ha!

I'm actually glad it's Monday, though.  Stop the presses, did I just say that?  Yes.  I am glad it is Monday.  In fact, I'll go ahead and say that I was really looking forward to today.  Mainly because the week has now started so no more waiting with baited breath, we're getting closer to the end, and all that's left is to run ahead full speed and power through.  Also because I'm waiting on a very exciting email, and it wasn't going to come over the weekend.  Office hours, you know.  More on that later.

Nothing left in it now but to take a deep breath and take the plunge, and hopefully, I'll come out alive at the end of it.
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