28 April 2013


Each year, the Techies' Union (a group I belong to which techs shows and such for other groups within the university), has an end of the year "fun day", which usually is a city wide scavenger hunt and dinner.  This year, however, we didn't have a big enough group available on Friday to do the scavenger hunt, so we did lunch and then a movie and games instead.

It was a lot of fun - the perfect way to end the year, especially since our lunch was SO GOOD.  I had this burger... oh man, this burger.  Pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo, green chile salsa, onions, avocado, and a big juicy patty on a delicious roll - mouthwatering, finger licking goooooood.

But I digress.

With our Friday fun day ended my last week of college.  No more class, no more school events/activities/extracurriculars, no more homework.  Just the week of exams ahead, and some studying to do.  So that's what I'm off to do now, and probably what I should have been doing instead of writing this, but ho hum pigs bum, ya know?  After Thursday, it'll all be over.  And I don't think that'll truly hit me until I don't go back to school next fall.  Weird thought.
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